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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:44pm 06/02/09 | 19 Comments
Alongside today's Battlefield 1943 and Bad Company announcements, EA boss John Riccitiello has also stated a Wii version of EA Redwood's survival horror sci fi smash, Dead Space, is in development and should hit Nintendo's platform later this year.

As for BioWare's Mass Effect II, we'll reportedly see the game within this coming financial year, likely putting it in the 2010 period, finally putting some concrete information behind the series moving forward since EA acquired BioWare in 2007. You can also expect the series to hit multiple platforms instead of only PC and Xbox 360.

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Posted 03:23pm 06/2/09
does multi platform really mean more than xbox360 and pc ? have any other platforms been specified for mass effect 2?

Steve Farrelly
Posted 03:29pm 06/2/09
PS3 - fits with EA's cross-platform biness
Posted 03:59pm 06/2/09
Why do I have a bad feeling about Dead Space Wii?
Posted 04:00pm 06/2/09
because it was terrible on pc and will probably be worse in the port?
Posted 04:02pm 06/2/09
Exactly. It was s***. Same with Mass Effect, what a terrible game the sequel deserves to be an xbox exclusive.
Posted 04:04pm 06/2/09
dead space was awesome on pc, i just dont think the wii will be up to generating the required visuals though:

control will be good;
Posted 04:18pm 06/2/09
How much GFX horse power does it take to render the inside of a corridor? Have you played Metroid? Even the gamecube could do Deadspace.
Posted 04:22pm 06/2/09
fair call;
metroid looked pretty good
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:23pm 06/2/09
still not HD

and I thin Dead Space is a damn pretty game
Posted 04:25pm 06/2/09
ughh I dunno if I could stand playing this with crap gfx after already playing them on the 360
Posted 04:26pm 06/2/09
Have you played Metroid?

Have you seen Dead Space? Or are you just speaking out your arse, because it really looks nothing like metroid.

Dead Space was fantastic though, not too sure the Wii can do it justice, but if it increases the chance of a sequel, then I'm all for it :P
Posted 04:37pm 06/2/09
Dead space was enjoyable. I think the visuals wuld need a slightly different style on Wii to succeed; Metriod Prime 3 looks great because they worked WITH the systems limitations instead of trying to cut down a HD product.

If done right, I think it would be excellent, but if they just shrink the artwork resolution I expect suckiness.
Posted 04:48pm 06/2/09
Although the controls might actually be easier to manage like this.

I want some more good games for my Wii, Nintendo!
Posted 10:58pm 06/2/09
steve are you assuming ps3? or is there confirmation of ps3?
Posted 12:27am 07/2/09
It would be stupid for EA not to release it on PS3 really, I figured it was a given.
Posted 02:32am 07/2/09
I've got and played both. I wasn't suggesting that Dead Space should look like Metroid. I was stating that Metroid looked pretty good, so Dead Space should have no trouble looking convincing.
It's the wii, it doesn't have to look like the 360, just look good enough.
Posted 03:36am 07/2/09
Posted 11:34am 07/2/09
Wow, sweet setup
Posted 11:53am 07/2/09
place looked empty, guess they've fired a few.
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