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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:26pm 29/01/09 | 29 Comments
With no one looking after Bethesda at the moment, we were beginning to worry the new content packs for Fallout 3 might not arrive. But thankfully a quick look at the Xbox Live Marketplace revealed Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage is up and ready for download.

It'll only set you back 800MS points and comes in at under 400meg. As for the PC DLC pack, you can just hit this link to be escorted to the Games For Windows LIVE Operation Anchorage page with full instructions on grabbing the update. You can have a look at screens and other info on our game page.

fallout 3dlc

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Posted 03:40pm 29/1/09
so what's the go with doing this sorta deal through games for windows live with all the signup bulls***? how come bethesda don't distrubute the content themselves? will it ever be available in shops? what's 800MS bs in real monies?

personally i don't wanna sign up for ms bulls*** to purchase content for a bethesda game :/
Posted 03:42pm 29/1/09
For those that are wondering what the DLC experience is like on the PC concerning Games For Windows Live, have a read of this article and resulting comments.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun

I had a fear that the GFWL/savegame issue would be a hassle but it seems all it takes is to copy the savegame files manually to the correct folder. Really stupid that it even occurs in the first place but at least there is a solution.
Posted 03:46pm 29/1/09
And it's a real kick in the teeth to require purchases to be made using MS Points. It makes sense on consoles where this is the norm but when the Steam model is so successful and to have to essentially waste points due to having to purchase them in bulk... well this is a real shame for Bethesda.
Posted 03:53pm 29/1/09
Credit card transactions on cheap items would attract fees higher than the cost of the item. That's why they prefer using points.
Posted 03:53pm 29/1/09
cheers for that url treeoflife :D i think i'll wait n see what the fallout is (PUN INTENDED JIM!@! YEH COP IT SWEET!) :D
Posted 04:03pm 29/1/09
I can understand their cost reasoning behind it. It's just that Steam is already such a successful and respected model for PC gamers. Part of business is making sure there is goodwill between customer and company and Microsoft only seem to be eroding whatever remaining goodwill they have left which is bad business. I can imagine those who bought Fallout 3 through Steam would be even more mystified.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:05pm 29/1/09
Steam is the first place I looked to see if the update could be nabbed there, but to no avail. I don't know why it's just not available at both ends...
Posted 04:14pm 29/1/09
Haha that article is hilarious, treeoflife.

You cant buy 800 points, obviously. You have to buy 500 or 1000. I dont want 500 or 1000, I want 800.

This is so stupid. Just make it US dollars not this gay arse xbox points crap.
Posted 04:21pm 29/1/09
hows this addon going to work?

im dead in fallout 3 (that pretty much finished the game for me)
Posted 04:24pm 29/1/09
Wii points are the same, it's bloody annoying. The fact that it's cheaper to buy multiple lots of smaller numbers of points than the same value in a single block though really takes the cake as dumbest implementation ever.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:29pm 29/1/09
spook, you get a radio signal and a new quest marker, then head there. Though I'm not sure how it works for those who've finished the game and have been locked out of the wastes...
Posted 04:40pm 29/1/09
Haha, that Rock, Paper, Shotgun article was hilarious. This is why Steam is awesome.
Cat Scratch
Posted 04:55pm 29/1/09
Is this going to be worth all the poo that comes with Windows Live - i.e. sign up, spend money on a CC to buy the points, and be forced to get everything though Window$ Live portal - have points left over that will attract emails from them every month.

Will the next add on also be though GFWL?

Why bother.

Boo to Bethesda.
Posted 09:18pm 29/1/09

LOL so true!1
Steve Farrelly
Posted 09:30pm 29/1/09
I just finished it. If you're still wandering the wastes it's definitely worth it. Different style of gameplay and just well executed. Plus the rewards are pretty cool.

Write up coming soon
Posted 11:01pm 29/1/09
So am I not able to actually play the DLC while signed into Live on my PC or something? I bought the DLC, jumped through all the hoops the Games for Windows Live stuff wanted me to, downloaded it, when I start Fallout 3 it pops up a "Loading additional content" dialog box and when I pick Downloads from the menu it shows up that I already have Operation Anchorage. Yet when I actually load one of my savegames I never get the radio message which is supposed to start the ball rolling.
Posted 11:18pm 29/1/09
It took a couple of minutes for me to get the radio message. I loaded a save out in the Wasteland, and got the message when I was walking around Megaton.
Posted 11:19pm 29/1/09
read the link treeoflife posted it's supposedly got a instructions to fix the savegame problem.

"PS. If Im logged into Live I cant access my save games. Sign out and they come back, but I get this message:" (something about autosave disabled)

whats going to be hilarious is that downloading a torrent and installing it will be so much easier.
Posted 09:28am 30/1/09
I've purchased this and gone through the whole bulls******y of it. Now the content won't load up for me in my save games. Thus i've started a new game (wasn't that far into it anyway). I'm going to try tonight and if it still doesn't load i'll be highly disappointed. Has anyone successfully got this working (purchased that is)?
Posted 12:47pm 30/1/09
i started playing it last night, very cool.

reminds me a little of the opening sequence of goldeneye on 64, lots of sneaking and sniping.
Posted 01:25pm 30/1/09
Yeah, I don't want to copy my saves and copy the DLC so I can play it offline, I want to play it while signed into Live so I get the achievements and stuff.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:59pm 30/1/09
I thought you'd be able to get the Chinese Stealth Armour, but I can't find it :(
Posted 02:31pm 30/1/09
It's in the armoury you unlock. There's a bug with it that lets you equip multiple pieces of headgear at once, getting all the stat bonuses from each.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:17pm 30/1/09
the stealth armour - not the power armour, or is it hidden somewhere?
Posted 04:36pm 30/1/09
It's on one of the shelves I think.
Here's a pic of it:

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Posted 12:22pm 31/1/09
Still haven't got mine working, been hitting up bethesda's tech support forums and it seems theres quite a few people having the same problems I am (download and install the DLC fine but it just never shows up in-game).

One of the theories seems to be that unless Fallout 3 is installed on your C: drive, the DLC wont work under GFWL, which is pretty retarded really, and not a solution I can personally employ anyway because my C: drive is setup to be my system drive and has just my operating system, and no room to install 5+ gigs of Fallout 3.

I was pretty happy with GFWL and Fallout 3's use of it up until this point, now I'm rapidly getting fed up with it.

last edited by Khel at 12:22:53 31/Jan/09
Posted 12:51pm 31/1/09
Khel have you tried mapping a drive to a folder on c: ?
Posted 02:25pm 31/1/09
khel... did you run the falloutlauncher.exe & select data files & check the anchorage checkbox? obvious i know but i thought i'd check. i ran the 1.1upgrade & installed the anchorage files, checked em in the data files & ran the game & got the radio message pretty quickly (within 5mins). i didn't sign up for the windows live bs though.. just skipped that part.

i still haven't followed the new quest yet... prolly do it tonight if nuthns on.
Posted 05:13pm 31/1/09
Mine don't even show up in the fallout 3 launcher, from what I've read, they only show up in the fallout 3 launcher if you've copied them into your fallout 3 folder to play without being logged into Game for Windows Live. If you are logged into GFWL its supposed to just work, but, it doesn't :(

If the only way to get it to work at the moment is to copy it to my fallout 3 folder and play it offline, I think I'll wait till they patch it or fix it or something. I can't imagine its something I'll play more than once, so when I play it I at least want it to count against my profile and stuff.
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