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Warner Bros. Interactive have just let us know a demo for the single player campaign for F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin will be hitting the Xbox Live Marketplace, Games For Windows and PlayStation Network, January 23 for download.
The F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin demo will offer a glimpse of the action, terror and suspense of the full retail version of the game. Players will maneuver through bloodstained corridors and hallways from several locations in the game, as they combat through various parts of the city of Auburn, which now lays in ruin after the catastrophic explosion that rocked the finale of F.E.A.R
This info comes just a day ahead of AusGamers getting a glimpse of the game first-hand as well as having a chat to project lead, Dave Matthews.

f.e.a.r. 2

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Posted 02:14pm 19/1/09
Will this game have an office building setting? The first game lacked in that area.
Posted 02:22pm 19/1/09
^ /sarcasm?

can't wait for this
Posted 05:53pm 19/1/09
No PC love?
Posted 05:55pm 19/1/09
No PC love?
That's the 'Games For Windows ' part
Posted 05:59pm 19/1/09
Ah right, missed that.

What a pain.
Posted 07:09pm 19/1/09
thats tough love,

but lots of good content on live at the end of this month, with this and fallout 3 dlc, and i think there is something else?

i still have to finish PAA:OTR-SPoD,Ep2

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Posted 07:23pm 19/1/09
Posted 11:24pm 19/1/09
my computer crashes when i play fear.
Posted 11:30pm 19/1/09
I do enjoy my tiramisu, though.
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