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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:27pm 16/01/09 | 17 Comments
AusGamers will be catching up with Dave Matthews of Monolith Studios next week to talk about all things F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin, and in the spirit of asking him exactly what the public want, we're asking you to let us know what it is you might want to know.

On top of talking to the project lead, we'll also be getting some first-hand insight into the development goals of the game, so stay tuned for a run-down on jsut what to expect (and what the OFLC was so afraid of) after we've been given the full game tour. You can check some developer diaries to form your questions here, here, here and here (the last one actually has David dressed as Santa).

For all other available info and media check out our locally hosted game page.

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Posted 01:34pm 16/1/09
Why ask about F.E.A.R. 2 when you could ask them, why they havn't been making Blood 3? Seriously ask when they plan on using that brilliant franchise again
Posted 01:37pm 16/1/09
DM is on the money, I loved blood 1 and 2.
Posted 01:37pm 16/1/09
Blood 2 sucked hard.
Posted 03:10pm 16/1/09
Ask him if they are making another Shogo
Steve Farrelly
Posted 05:06pm 16/1/09
why don't we ask him about this game?
Posted 05:31pm 16/1/09
Clearly there is no interest in it
Posted 05:40pm 16/1/09
1. How do they plan to keep people playing F.E.A.R. 2's multiplayer?
2. Will there be a free multiplayer client like F.E.A.R. Combat?
Posted 05:45pm 16/1/09
When are they gonna make another No One Lives Forever?
Posted 05:50pm 16/1/09
Ok I got one...

1.) why did they choose not to follow the main character of the original? There just happens to be another guy in the same area with the exact same abilities of the 1st? Was the story guy in the toilet when they agreed on this? (you can leave all by the 1st sentence out though)
Posted 09:19pm 16/1/09
Saw a trailer yesterday for Fear 2 that had giant mechs in it, fighting each other. And the player can drive around in a giant battlemech and blow s*** up. I just want to know what the deal with that is? Is there a lot of the mech combat in the game? Or is it just a special one-off sequence? Seems really odd and out of place compared to what I was expecting from the game, not that I'm complaining, cos giant robots blowing s*** up is awesome, but does this mean they're moving away from the slow, creepy survival horror vibe and going for more action?
Posted 09:22pm 16/1/09
Any nudes of Cate Archer?
Posted 10:17pm 16/1/09
She has a hairy butt.
Posted 10:21pm 16/1/09
Is the mech stuff in Fear2 a hint that we'll be seeing Shogo2 in the near future?
Posted 10:23pm 16/1/09
I saw that too khel but wasn't sure if you could ride them or not. If so, wtf is that doing in a horror fps?

"sir, what do we add here? what would be real creepy and eerie?"
"but sir, that doesn't remotely make sense. we can't just throw in rando..."
Posted 10:35pm 16/1/09
The person pitching the Giant Mechs made a catchy jingle in just 5 mins with the new Microsoft Songforgerat0r
Posted 03:01am 17/1/09
Shogo 2 would be freaking awesome. By far the most atmospheric mech based game, just so cool.
Posted 11:48am 23/1/09
Played the Demo. Hope they give an option in the full game to turn off the walking (bobbing up and down) it's really distracting, makes it hard to control and a slight motion sickness feeling. In my opinion its way over done.
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