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Post by trog @ 12:54pm 09/01/09 | 26 Comments
Blizzard are taking an interesting route in deciding which model to use for one of the units in StarCraft 2 - letting the community vote on it:
The protoss dark templar has always been one of the StarCraft community's favorite units -- now, the community has a chance to participate directly in the dark templar design process for StarCraft II! Over the course of the next month, players will vote to decide which dark templar model will appear in StarCraft II multiplayer matches.
There are two alternative designs you can vote for, or you can select for them both to be in the game and they'll spawn randomly. Head over to to vote for your preference!

starcraft 2

Latest Comments
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 12:59pm 09/1/09
The first one is heaps better. The second one looks like some wanky Star Wars f***tard.
Posted 01:06pm 09/1/09
what's the bet blizzard don't botch the dark templar like funcom did in age of conan
Posted 01:37pm 09/1/09
They look almost the same...
Posted 01:40pm 09/1/09
The first one is better.

Posted 02:26pm 09/1/09
these guys look more like zealots that can cloak than the high templars from the original starcraft. they got a melee weapon n i see no mention of the psychic storm :/

both models look pretty cool though imo.
Posted 02:42pm 09/1/09
second one
Posted 02:45pm 09/1/09
second one wears the bones of zerg on its body so that gets my vote

but having both would be pretty cool
Posted 03:31pm 09/1/09
The animation on the second one sucks, but I like the design better. He needs to spin that staff thing around instead of stabbing with it like a sword.
Posted 03:58pm 09/1/09
demon you noob, that's the High Templar. This is the Dark Templar, cloaked warrior of the mighty Protoss!
Posted 04:11pm 09/1/09
yeah demon, you noob
Posted 05:07pm 09/1/09
I think I prefer the first one, but his blade is so puny, makes him just look like a fancy zealot, I always thought the defining feature of the original design of the Dark Templar was the massive blade they had (and was why they had such a damaging melee attack).

Edit: didn't see the third option! I voted for both, be nice to have some variety in the units, they should do it a lot more.
Edit 2: Hooray! Both is kicking arse.
Posted 05:09pm 09/1/09
I like the second one, however the weapon and attack animations are stupid.
Posted 05:56pm 09/1/09
What the f***?

Clearly vote for The Lenassa... the other one looks half like preditor ffs... and asif dark tempars used polearms... for god sake they are duel hand melee fighters...

You goto log in to vote though so f*** it.
Posted 06:03pm 09/1/09
ahh broodwars unit. i never got broodwars so i hadn't seen the previous dark templar... only high templars. :D
Posted 06:04pm 09/1/09
What?? Is this american idol for video games now or something?? REMEMBER PUBLIC YOU MUST VOTE TO GET YOUR FAVORITE IN THE GAME!!!!@@@@#####11111 I don't like the way this is progressing...
Posted 06:16pm 09/1/09
Anyone here play SC at the moment?

I've been playing games with friends a bit, and also occasionally on ICCUP. Such an awesome yet difficult game.
Posted 07:13pm 09/1/09
I'd like to start playing again, whats your msn alt f4?
Posted 07:58pm 09/1/09
Yep, add me on iCCup: dais

I'm a D ranked noob.
Posted 10:15pm 09/1/09
iccup any good? I usually play with friends over hamachi.
Posted 02:10am 10/1/09
i still play on East.
just Big Game Hunters aka BGH
still find the game fun and a good brain workout.
Posted 03:40pm 10/1/09
the guys at have a hamachi network going.
ICCUP is very good players,
you would want to have an apm around 200 or dont bother.
Its only 1v1.
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 06:15pm 10/1/09
I don't think I can click frantically enough to play SC competitively.
Posted 10:43pm 10/1/09
the apm is bulls***. It is an extremely rough indicator of skill.

Also BGH is for noobs.

I don't think I can click frantically enough to play SC competitively.
Don't really need it to have fun though.

last edited by Reduaram at 22:43:15 10/Jan/09
Posted 12:48am 11/1/09
Also BGH is for noobs.

BGH is to Starcraft what Rock n Roll is to music.
Posted 08:31pm 11/1/09
no seriously, big gay hunters is for f*****g noobs.

resource control is half of an rts... giving each side unlimited resources just incudces rushing to end teir tech trees... dont use big gay hunters.
Posted 07:57am 12/1/09
it'll be both by a long shot.
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