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The guys over at Total Gaming Network were lucky enough to visit the DICE studios and took the opportunity to ask the producers of the Battlefield games what's in store for the future of Battlefield games.

There's some really great news for BF2 and BF2142 fans, with a new map for both games in the works, as well as a bunch of security fixes to alleviate some of the cheating that has been plaguing both games for quite a while now. There's a stack of screenshots of the new map in both games right here.

Head over to their site and have a read about DICE, and what the future holds for Battlefield games, Mirror's Edge as well as their ideas about new games.

battlefield 2

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Posted 12:26pm 18/12/08
wow those screenies look boring as bats***. moar fog plz

glad i stopped playing those games years ago.
Posted 12:52pm 18/12/08
What StreX said. Seriously boring looking levels.
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