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Post by trog @ 01:24pm 15/12/08 | 12 Comments
Regular contributor to AusGamers parabol has written up a simply awesome step-by-step guide showing you how to easily record videos from Source engine games - including Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead, and Counter-Strike Source - and get them online on the YouTubes. The tutorial covers how to install the required video editing software, recording the video from the game, encoding the video and getting it on YouTube with a minimum of fuss.

If you've ever wanted to show off your mad skillz, now is your chance - have a read, start recording and get to uploading!

left 4 deadteam fortress 2counter-strike: sourcesource engineyoutube

Latest Comments
Posted 01:46pm 15/12/08
Nice work parabol.
Posted 01:53pm 15/12/08
Nice work parabol.
Posted 02:32pm 15/12/08
Nice tutorial! Can I ask why you leave out the audio compression though?

Using this tutorial, you actually end up with quite a large audio stream (even bigger than the video stream) It might not be a huge problem for short videos but if you really want to make your files smaller and quicker to upload then encoding to mp3 audio is a must.

By default VirtualDub doesn't provide good quality mp3 encoding settings, that's probably why you found the quality to be bad when you tried encoding to mp3. You need to add a proper codec.

I suggest installing LAME ACM MP3 Codec (also free)
Then you will have decent quality compression options to encode your audio with.

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Posted 02:34pm 15/12/08
davetron, good point dude - though Id recommend using the LAME ACM codec from rarewares (not for any reason, I just prefer it over -
Posted 02:41pm 15/12/08
You can also bring up the demoui by pressing shift+f4 or something similar. Fairly sure it is f4.
Posted 02:53pm 15/12/08
It's Shift+F2
Posted 02:53pm 15/12/08
wish i bothered to figure out this s*** ages ago.

i could have been sitting here basking in the glow of all the positive youtube comments i would have no doubt been receiving for my epic spy vids.
Posted 02:56pm 15/12/08
I'm a Digg h8r but I want to do my bit to make this front page. +1 from me.
Posted 02:58pm 15/12/08
I got videos on youtubes of our epic first night of l4d no mercy expert finale. Only did it the quick way with fraps so its fairly terrible quality though.
Posted 03:20pm 15/12/08
hah sweet.

all those noobs in the comments saying that it must be on easy mode. we just make it look easy (after the first 5 failed attempts lawl) :P
Posted 04:01pm 15/12/08
you guys must have been on easy mode!
Posted 11:31pm 15/12/08
Nice tutorial! Can I ask why you leave out the audio compression though?

I figured it was a YouTube problem, as I mentioned in the tutorial.

I experimented with a range of MP3 bit and sampling rates, which sounded perfectly fine and high quality when listening-to/watching the output encoded movie. After uploading the exact same AVI to YouTube and playing it back though, the audio was just terrible. Never figured out why so I just stuck to keeping the original stream untouched.
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