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Post by Dan @ 03:44pm 10/12/08 | 18 Comments
Like the original Savage before it, S2 Games have now removed the demo restrictions on the downloadable client for Savage 2: A Tortured, Soul making the game now completely free to play.

Paid accounts (now only US$9.99) still hold some value, in that they allow you to create and join clans and view achievements, but the only gameplay advantage a paid account has over freeplay now is use of the game's Hellbourne units (free accounts can reportedly try these units out one time only).

Additionally, a Mac OS client has also been released, joining the existing Windows and Linux clients. AusGamers now has download mirror's for the current distributable versions of all of these in our files library. Click for Windows, Linux 32bit, Linux 64bit and Mac OSX flavours.

For more information about Savage 2, check out the official S2 Games website or AusGamers in-depth review.

savage 2free

Latest Comments
Posted 03:50pm 10/12/08
awesome very happy!!
Posted 03:52pm 10/12/08
The game was that popular hey?
Posted 04:04pm 10/12/08
are there any populated aus servers?
Posted 07:17pm 10/12/08
That's cool. I like their business model - plus they support Linux/Mac OS.

Savage was good for something to do - and I did look at what would be new in Savage 2. I'm definitely downloading and having a bash at this fo shizzle.
Posted 07:37pm 10/12/08
sav 2 was pretty boring for me. Also didn't help that there were never any aussie players on, let alone servers.

Dunno about these days. It get any good dan?
Posted 07:50pm 10/12/08
I'm all for games with steep learning curves.
Posted 08:56pm 10/12/08
Steep Learning curves FTW. This game doesn't have a steep one, a bit of a slope though.
Posted 09:01pm 10/12/08
Downloaded it and did the tutorial, seemed like it had potential... but yeah there was like 1 local server that had 2 people in it.
Posted 09:06pm 10/12/08
server stuff is a pain in the ass for this game; there should be some GA ones up tomorrow if all goes to plan
Posted 09:14pm 10/12/08
if all goes to plan

You have peaked my interest, sir.
Posted 10:23pm 10/12/08
Just finished playing with some friends. Was good fun. Was a bit retarded at commander at first, but got the hang of it. Good fun.
Posted 10:57pm 10/12/08
3fl/iinet mirrors? Cannot find it.
Posted 08:09am 11/12/08
Posted 11:07am 11/12/08
"Steep Learning curves FTW. This game doesn't have a steep one, a bit of a slope though."

It used to have a fairly steep curve which is why there was never anyone on. They have tried to make it easier to get into without removing all the skill needed through variouse patches. I believe the latest patch has done so. And along with the addition of the game being free, plus the GA servers going up I can see this game getting much bigger... hopefully.
Posted 11:12am 11/12/08
played abit last night enjoyed it... but still trying to get the hang of it...

Free mirrors!


3fl linky

Bigpond linky

last edited by TiT at 11:12:36 11/Dec/08
Posted 08:42pm 12/12/08
Lame, need more oz servers. It's always full now!
Posted 09:45pm 12/12/08
Yer I've been playing it.
Sucks you cant use Hellborn units though.

Posted 11:38pm 12/12/08
I was in your squad before!

Yeah, you gotta build a hellshrine then trade in souls to get a hellborn unit. Pretty good fun.
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