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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:37pm 02/12/08 | 25 Comments
Throwing zombies into anything at the moment seems to be the correct way forward. Hell, even Treyarch threw zombies into Call of Duty: World At War, for good measure. And now, in the ever-growing expansion of the zombie game we have Left 4 Dead - quite possibly one of the finest examples of cooperative gameplay.

I don't need to say much more, so I'll let the game's packaging do it for me:
"Four survivors in an epic struggle... Fighting hordes of swarming zombies. Can you survive the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE?"


Hit this link for our full review, and our game page for all related media and info.

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:25pm 02/12/08
Hrmm I'll get around to playing this in a few years...too much of a game backlog

stupid 'real life' in the way of things
Posted 05:54pm 02/12/08
IMO this game should get the Steven Medal for Game of the Year.
Burt Raven
Posted 07:45pm 02/12/08
This is a game of 2 parts.

Part 1: Playing COOP as survivors against the AI infected horde - just awesome

Part 2: Playing versus as either Survivor OR infected - not finished

They added the play as infected part as an after-thought, as fun as it is it needs way more work to work...

FYI - buying it for Part 1 is MORE than worth the investment!
Posted 07:49pm 02/12/08
i cancelled my left 4 dead from cdwow, got my money back through paypal, and a copy of it has just turned up in the post xD
Burt Raven
Posted 08:21pm 02/12/08
watch out infi - karma is a horde of zombies...
Posted 08:39pm 02/12/08
Haha, f*****g score.
Posted 09:57pm 02/12/08
What's not finished in Vs mode? that they haven't released all 4 campagins for the mode yet?
You make it sound flawed rather then still being built upon but the mode is more fun after you've done co-op a lot.

L4D really must be played online, and after 40+ hours i'm only playing 1 or 2 games of it a day. There is a mod community building though http://www.l4dmods.com/
Making new campaigns and such. It's good as a casual game, just play for an hour every now and then or else repeditivity starts to get to me.
Posted 10:00pm 02/12/08
f*****g lol infi.

why'd you cancel?
Posted 10:19pm 02/12/08
L4D really must be played online at a lan.

- it's a great game on lan...

- accidently shooting your team-mates while they're being horded by zombies (thanks to online lag) is just ghey.

- needs more local servers.

funny how more and more FPS games are best played in a zero-ping environment :/

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Burt Raven
Posted 10:24pm 02/12/08
its all good, they will get vs right in the big patch they are no doubt working on.
Posted 10:34pm 02/12/08
Campaigns with friends is the most fun I've had with a game in ages.
Any f***up or friendly fire incident that causes a wipe is just laughed off and you then pickup and go again.
I found pug groups sometimes take it all a bit too seriously. That said I've had some great pug groups, some players which I have and will go around with again.

@varchld: thanks for the link!
Posted 10:50pm 02/12/08
versus is f*****g fun as, you complaining b****.

and as it's valve, I have no doubt that they'll release more content.

just finished a marathon 7 or so hour 3 campaign run with minxy and some randoms. great fun.
Posted 12:04am 03/12/08
i cancelled due to the copy i order inadvertantly being an EU copy.

however i have just installed it and SP works fine. dunno about MP.
Posted 12:09am 03/12/08
Omgz we just tried about 20 billion times to beat the blood harvest finale on expert and failed.

Posted 12:10am 03/12/08
I played with chub, he f*****g failed.

Also, he broke the server!
Posted 12:20am 03/12/08
Vs mode is heaps of fun, but it did take me a little longer to warm to. First time I played the game, I jumped straight into vs mode, and not knowing the maps (and hence not knowing the direction the survivors are going to be heading in so you can setup sneaky ambushes) made it pretty frustrating. That, combined with the learning curve of getting the hang of the different zombies, led to a lot of quick deaths and then you sit there for 30 seconds waiting to respawn.

But after a few games, I was absolutely loving it, I cackle with crazy laughter each time I'm a hunter and get one of the survivors off by himself and rip him to absolute shreds. Or when you jump on someone, and get knocked off, but they neglect to actually kill you, so you go jump back on, love it :)
Posted 12:37am 03/12/08
they need some survivors vs survivors TDM with AI zombies and all infected classes.
Posted 07:21am 03/12/08
I played with chub, he f*****g failed.

Also, he broke the server!
LOL sif, your mate is the one that fails, molotovs our entire team WHILE we're in the safe room, now that's fail.

Also that server sucked, I don't play VS on Normal because it's completely pointless and even 4 tanks on a finale can't dint a skilled survivor team, 2/1hp per zombie hit with unlimited melee can suck my ass.

But yeah, that server really didn't like the callvote :(
Posted 09:50am 03/12/08
i cancelled due to the copy i order inadvertantly being an EU copy.

however i have just installed it and SP works fine. dunno about MP.

english version is fine. exactly the same as US
Posted 10:07am 03/12/08
One of the most enjoyable games I've recently played. Its at the point where I've said "ok, got other things to do right now" and then one friend asks if I want to play and then we have another wanting to play and instantly find myself loading the game up. Goooooooood fun. I even find it fun with newbs, just take it easy with them!
Posted 12:42pm 04/12/08
Treyarch the piece of s*** excuse that made COD5 also made 007: Quantum of Solace. The Zombie mode in COD5 was just a quick idea to cash in on Left 4 Dead being released. Treyarch never showed the zombie mode at E3 or any game expo but Valve was more than happy to show off their stuff.

When Treyarch made Quantum of Solace they said "Oh we love playing Goldeneye as multiplayer" but the multiplayer in QoS was just like that of COD5. Uninspirational, Shotgun overpowerd, trying to imitate COD4 and boring. The only good part was taking cover which isn't even worth it with the overpowered shotgun.

Left 4 Dead is the best multiplayer & coop I've played this year. Funny how Valve says "What TF2 did for TEAMPLAY... Left 4 Dead will do for cooperative gameplay." and that's what was delivered. FUN GAMEPLAY not the repetitive broken gameplay of go to X -> kill, blow up, etc (oh but wiait your limited by how many diamonds you have oh you just have to go out and find them... oh but wait your only in the first part of the game you have to go and find the weapon convoy...) *cough* Far Cry 2 *cough*

Left 4 Dead just works. Sure it was the whole melee quick switch thing but that will get fixed in time. New maps will be made and stuff will be added. SDK will be released while Far Cry 2's SDK isn't released. Get your friends to get Left 4 Dead. We can't tell you why its awesome it just is.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 09:30pm 04/12/08
I think you just did
Posted 12:06am 05/12/08

Burt Raven
Posted 08:14pm 20/12/08
it is awesome, before broadband my mates and I would drag our PCs around and LAN party, before L4D I never played a single MP game with them - ever! Now we all have L4D and we all lurv it...
Posted 02:42am 23/12/08
I just baught this yesterday and pretty much havent stopped playing it :P so i thought i'd put a little list together of the reasons WHY people who havent tryed it yet should get a copy.

1. The Action in the game is just as good as the Action in the cinematics
2. Graphics and Physics are amazing and run on lowerish end PCs
3. The gameplay is unbelievably balanced.
5. The netcode is awesome.
6. The server browser is as simple as "Join game in progress" takes about 10 seconds and you're in. (doesnt realy matter if the server is far away because of the awesome netcode :P)
7. Movement of Zombies, Roles, behavior of AI, Maps, Lighting, Audio are all amazing.
8. The fact that if one of the 4 players on the survivors is off guard, all hell breaks loose and you have to pick each other back up, heal each other, all while fending off swarms and swarms of Zombies = win.
9. + Achievements are always fun.

So if you havent tryed it out already give it a whirl. Still yet to play it on LAN too :)

Also, this is just based on VS online. It was only after reading the whole thread that i realised there were two other game modes :S

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