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Post by Dan @ 02:15pm 01/12/08 | 8 Comments
Lucasarts and Bioware have released a new batch of screenshots from their forthcoming MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic giving us a more detailed look at some of the game's environments and their inhabitants.

Check them out on our Star Wars: The Old Republic game page. No new details, release dates of platform information have yet been revealed.

star wars: the old republicscreenshots

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Posted 02:22pm 01/12/08
really excited about this, i played SWG from damn near launch up until the NGE. I really hope they deliver on this.
Posted 02:25pm 01/12/08
How are they dealing with Jedi's? Is everyone able to be one?
Posted 02:27pm 01/12/08
i'm going to assume yes. As it's set during the time when jedi were all over the place.
Posted 02:41pm 01/12/08
In before someone compares to WoW.

Screenies look good.
Posted 03:40pm 01/12/08
Looks good! The lightsaber hilts seem to have been shrunk a bit too, which is a nice improvement from the Duplo ones they had in the initial batch of screen shots.
Posted 03:48pm 01/12/08
I'm cautiously optimistic about this, mainly because it's being made by Bioware, and because KOTOR and Mass Effect were rad.
Posted 05:08pm 01/12/08
As unhappy as I am that the next KOTOR isn't a singleplayer game but an mmo, i remind myself of how good of a track record Bioware have.

So i'm waiting anxiously for this one ;>
Posted 07:21pm 01/12/08
The only bit that concerns me is they have outsourced their engine, the game uses HeroEngine by Simutronics. And they seem like moderate unknowns (I play alot of MMOs and haven't ever stumbled upon any of their engines or games).

A bad engine can kill everything else.
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