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Post by trog @ 11:05am 01/12/08 | 5 Comments
Some possible good news for Battlefield 2 players languishing in a world of no updates for the last many months with a forum post from a DICE employee mentioning that a beta patch might be available "before Christmas".

This will hopefully correct some of the long-standing issues with the game, including a series of annoying exploits and bugs. There's no official word on what we can expect in the patch but hopefully there'll be a few nice surprises in there as well, so stay tuned for more.

battlefield 2

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Posted 11:07am 01/12/08
People still play this?
Posted 11:19am 01/12/08
Well I don't have my finger on the pulse of BF2 as much as I used to but from comments I read in various server adminny type places, a lot of people have abandoned the game in frustration waiting for this patch due to a large number of exploits and hacks. I suspect there'll be a resurgence when the patch comes out, but hopefully they take the beta seriously and fix a lot of bugs and take advantage of player feedback.

It's still fairly popular in the context of PC-based first-person shooters (...that aren't Half-Life/Half-Life 2 based, anyway), but it's a far cry from its glory days.
Posted 11:53am 01/12/08
this should have been out 2 years ago.. the game is dead. bring back c4 throwing mofo's.
Posted 12:30pm 01/12/08
start making bf3 for PC already
Posted 02:37pm 01/12/08
I got a bit tired of people practicing how to fly online. I spent weeks getting good at flying choppers before even contemplating it online, because I didn't want to waste peoples time. When I get online, there are tards that can't even work out how to make the f*****g thing go forwards, fly straight up and put the thing into a low orbit, and get shot down with 5 people on board. Or even worse, take off with a load of people and plow it into the ground within 3 seconds of taking off.

However, when I do get a chopper to fly, and successfully deliver 5 dudes to a point under fire and make it back to the spawn point for the next load and do it again, it is a particularly satisfying experience. Or skimming along the ground with a transport chopper to clear an area of dudes... Also, watching people duck into buildings to hide and flying so low that the gunner can stick the gun through the window and waste everyone is particularly satisfying as well.

It was the rarity of those moments that stopped me playing.
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