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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:39pm 20/11/08 | 26 Comments
Still not sure where your holiday gaming money should be spent? We have yet another big year-end release in our review sights for you today with Call of Duty: World At War from Treyarch and Activision.

In the past Treyarch have been under fire for delivering lesser than their big studio brothers, Infinity Ward, but with their latest Call of Duty offering they've really upped the ante.

This is by no means as big a leap for the franchise as Modern Warfare was, but it's very solid gameplay experience. Check out our full review for the in-depth skinny, and be sure visit our CoD: WAW game page for all related info and media.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:51pm 20/11/08
got it yesterday and love it!
Posted 02:06pm 20/11/08
it s**** me that in another year, there will be another cod out..

sucks for those of us that like to focus on usually 1 fps at a time

Posted 02:11pm 20/11/08
Is the Wii version any good?
Posted 02:16pm 20/11/08
It has a pretty good zombie game added in if you finish it on expert. Its like german zombies attacking a shack and you have to fight them off and buy weapons and spend money to opens new doors and stuff.
Posted 02:20pm 20/11/08

it s**** me that in another year, there will be another cod out..

sucks for those of us that like to focus on usually 1 fps at a time
you can't expect to have a life and play every computer game, gota pick one.
Posted 02:55pm 20/11/08
i picked this up earlier in the week and was enjoying the SP but havent touched it since L4D came out.

will probably get back into codwaw in a couple of weeks, and by that time everyc*** will be lvl 65 :(
Posted 03:01pm 20/11/08
im loving multiplayer, heaps and heaps of fun. Reminds me of DoD - I'm Usually on the GA servers domination or war mode. name: Bigned
Posted 03:29pm 20/11/08
I started playing this today. The intros for each level are interesting. I haven't seen the concept before, so I found it interesting the first couple of times.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:03pm 20/11/08
Triamks - it's the same mob who do a lot of National Geographic intros for programs about war etc, they're the same team who did Modern Warfare as well
Posted 04:53pm 20/11/08
think i am going to have to buy this tonight

9.2 from steve is enough for me
Posted 05:45pm 20/11/08
The intros sound pretty cool, just don't really fancy call of duty games.

sucks for those of us that like to focus on usually 1 fps at a time

Go play 1.6

Stephen, I am keen to see what score you give l4d. Will it be better than far cry 2 and deadspace?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 06:17pm 20/11/08
stupidly, we've had no support for this game from publishers... I'm having as big a bash at it as possible so as to give it the right review right now...
Posted 06:27pm 20/11/08
i really dont want to buy this, i'd rather treyarch helped out on cod4, made more maps and added more perks. make it $30 DLC rather than $100 full game.

could have had dog squad in CoD4. could have had the toss back perk.
Posted 09:09am 21/11/08
it's not really the same domino

i was expecting to just jump in and it would be the same as cod4 except ww2, but it's taking a bit of getting used to

is it just me of is there no hud ?

over all you can see it's not as polished as cod4, seems to crash more often when you alt tab and s***
Posted 10:15am 21/11/08
make it $30 DLC rather than $100 full game.

well paid $56 for it. has $2 off everything today :)

dont buy it off steam its rip off also i see COD 4 cheaper on steam now... but still $100 AUD
Posted 10:39pm 25/11/08
i've decided this game is rather disappointing

it's just not as polished as cod4, it's quite a let down

cod4 is so seamless, this just stinks of unfinished

the sounds is totally f***ed, someone standing next to you with a machine gun and you pretty much can't hear them at all, you practically spawn right next to enemies sometimes and vice versa. it doesn't work with xfire because it has to download profile information everytime you load the game. it's f*****g aids for alt tabbing

9.2 out of 10 steve farrelly? seriously? then was what cod4.. like 13 or something?
Posted 11:36am 26/11/08
i have cod 1 and 2, and like your comment paveway, i prefer to stick to one fps at a time, unfortunatly i need to get a new comp to run that game -.-
Posted 12:02pm 26/11/08
i haven't played the multiplayer yet but the single player is quite immersive, and those pesky japs are very accurate with their grenades. the attacking bayonets are an exciting change.

although cod4 is so perfect for competitive gaming the feel of waw is very similar imo. i left cod2 because its engine was inferior but using the cod4 engine for ww2 rifles action might be fun.

i will get into multiplayer tonight i expect.

edit: also nice review, steve.

last edited by infi at 12:02:22 26/Nov/08
Posted 09:42pm 26/11/08
you practically spawn right next to enemies sometimes and vice versa
That was the same as Cod 4, so that's nothing new.

it doesn't work with xfire
No big loss, xfire sucks.

is it just me of is there no hud ?
If you have no hud, you're playing on a hardcore server.

If you played UO and even cod 2 and liked it, chances are you will like this.

My only gripe is the points distribution of kills depending on the game type, well how it's set by default (most servers won't change this). 50 for S&D and 5 for TDM blows goats.
Posted 10:01pm 26/11/08
Agree with pave for once. This game was a disappointment. Cod4 was at least 30x better.
Posted 10:07pm 26/11/08
the multiplayer is awesome, war mode and domination
Posted 09:12am 27/11/08
you practically spawn right next to enemies sometimes and vice versa

That was the same as Cod 4, so that's nothing new.

no it wasn't, as in RIGHT NEXT TO THEM

cod4 seemed to distribute spawning better, but i think it's more to do with the stupid maps alot of them are just little round maps where you get a kill or 2 and thats it because someone will always jew you from behind which gets pretty old

yeah i figured out i was in HC mode, because this game is so s*** and doesn't work with xfire all the servers i joined first time were all HC
Posted 09:22am 27/11/08
CoD5 needs spawn protection, or better yet DO A CHECK AND DON'T F*****G SPAWN IF SOMEONE IS WITHIN 5 METERS OR SOMETHING!

Seriously how do they miss s*** like this in games no-a-days. It is almost a no-brainer.
Posted 10:07am 27/11/08
i think it's a product of some of the s*** maps

the big maps with the tanks are good, but some of the real small bowl type ones are just utter s***
Posted 09:51am 17/12/08
zombie mod ftw on co-op mode... bloody awesome!
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