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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:06am 20/11/08 | 37 Comments
Our Valve contact has reminded us that today sparks the 10th birthday of everyone's favourite sci-fi first-person shooter series, Half-Life. The mute every-day-man, Gordon Freeman, first dealt with the Black Mesa Incident back in 1998 as the protagonist in Valve's debut product as a development studio.
Launched 10 years ago today, Half-Life was greeted with overwhelming review scores (Metacritic of 96%), earned over 50 Game of the Year Awards, and birthed a franchise with over 20 million units sold to date.
Clearly Freeman's success throughout the last 10 years resonates now as Valve is one of the most respected games developers/publishers/distributors in the industry.

Can you remember when you first played Half-Life?


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Posted 11:07am 20/11/08

Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:10am 20/11/08
^^that was awesome
Posted 11:13am 20/11/08
Half-Life 1 is available on steam for 98c today only too.
Posted 11:27am 20/11/08

"Blah blah blah Mr Freeman"
Posted 11:30am 20/11/08
wow, cant believe its been 10 years:

still remember the joy of playing through this on my amdk6-2 300 with voodoo2 (struggled, had to upgrade to a tnt2 for moar frames)
Posted 11:31am 20/11/08
First played this in 2000 on a celeron 566, onboard video into a Voodoo2.
Posted 11:35am 20/11/08
HL always crashed for me when I got up the bit with the ninja b**** in black vinyl. Shame I was getting into the plot too.
Posted 11:39am 20/11/08
Can you remember when you first played Half-Life?
I sure can! I remember walking around a corner then waiting 5 minutes for it to load, then walking around another corner and waiting again. Also sometimes, you'd walk around another corner and it would load some more.
Posted 11:40am 20/11/08
Ha, nicely done.
Posted 11:44am 20/11/08
Remember that this game basically invented the story-based FPS. I remember watching the intro movie and thinking that this was going to be the best game ever.

(it was pretty close).
Posted 11:46am 20/11/08
this game scared the s*** out of me back in the day...
Posted 12:03pm 20/11/08
I played it because I was told the enemy were smarter. After 5 minutes I turned it off, never to play it again. Smarter must have translated to "Smarter than the last shooter and only if you had ever played shooters and not multiplayer".
Posted 12:09pm 20/11/08
Yeh but the AI was pretty good for its time, even though it was scripted. Apart from Quake 2 this is one of the first games to use online keys thus forcing me to go out and buy it. Money well spent IMO
Posted 12:24pm 20/11/08
haha that vid is tops parabol :D

yeh i remember buying halflife thinking this'll changeup the deathmatch a bit... then dethon got the gluon gun, spawn rape, spawn rape, spawn rape, this game sux, the end. :D
Posted 12:31pm 20/11/08
yeh i remember buying halflife thinking this'll changeup the deathmatch a bit...

Or HL2 deathmatch?

toilet-death, toilet-death, toilet-death.
Posted 12:40pm 20/11/08
if it wernt for half life every fps would still be like quake

ie s***
Posted 12:44pm 20/11/08
HLDM rocked if you could use that gauss cannon+jump pack properly. Otherwise you were noobd all day.
Posted 02:06pm 20/11/08
Ha I remember lanning back in the day to HL, one of the guys was super leet. Would always pwn everyone, then I spammed that charge up lightning bolt gun and fluke killed him, gawd he was pissed, then he came back a 2nd time and I killed him again! MWHAHA....then he pwned my ass the rest of the game :(
Posted 02:49pm 20/11/08
if it wernt for half life every fps would still be like quake

nah. halflife brought nothing new to the game. it was made from the quake/q2 source so that's not surprising. everything in multiplayer hl was already done in quake with mods.
Posted 03:09pm 20/11/08
so hl1 is about $1.50au on steam today? id buy it again because.. well just to throw money away
Posted 04:17pm 20/11/08
Still the best game ever made IMO.

First played it in 2002 on Celeron with onbaord video.. i used cheats to finish it -.-
Posted 04:27pm 20/11/08
Half-Life 1 is available on steam for 98c today only too.

Until someone points out the conversion rate and we end up paying AU$89.95
Posted 05:06pm 20/11/08
$1.50 or so for a game...why not.
Thought i might as well buy it when it's cheap, otherwise i probably won't ever bother playing it
Posted 05:12pm 20/11/08
Who could forget the most awesome game ever created that is spawned!!?!
Posted 06:37pm 20/11/08
HLDM was mad cainer.
Posted 08:06pm 20/11/08
Can you remember when you first played Half-Life?

yeah I can.. I packed the bear neccesities into my backpack (mobo/K62 300 chip/512mb ram, tnt vid card and Quantum 6gig hdd) and went to Launceston, Tassie to hook up with the old Vision locals (little bro and his mates) for a lan or two :)

playing the CS betas meant far more to me though.

fun game, great to play on dialup, and best of all free of hackers.

my, how things change :/
Posted 08:09pm 20/11/08
repect koopz, k6-2 brothers
Posted 08:18pm 20/11/08
hl1 was awesome right up until you got to zen.

then it sucked balls.
Posted 09:18pm 20/11/08
hldm, cs v1.. aww those were the days.. where u had to lead with your sniper cause of flag, head shotting SAS nubs (the clan)
Posted 09:18pm 20/11/08
I agree with nF. I was so confused for a few years about what purpose Zen had and that guy with the fat head. Even today, I am not sure where in the game it's explained.
Posted 01:30am 21/11/08
I wonder if there's a new vid that covers episode 1 and 2...
Le Infidel
Posted 02:20am 21/11/08
why do they always have to put aliens in games to f*** them up?

- duke 3d
- hl1
- far cry

thats all i can remmeber now
Posted 02:44am 21/11/08
How did aliens f*** up duke3d???
Posted 08:48am 21/11/08
they busted up his ride
Posted 11:48pm 21/11/08
if anyone is interested, the mod team that is remaking half life using the orange box source engine have just updated their site with new images etc. its looking bloody sexeh.
Posted 11:58pm 21/11/08
^^ they should use the crytek engine
Posted 01:13am 25/11/08
Far Cry wasn't aliens it was genetic technology.
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