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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:44pm 18/11/08 | 22 Comments
Stumped for what games to spend your money on at the moment (because there are so many)? AusGamers has your back. Well, at least we're ploughing through them as best we can as well (we're only a handful of brave men, remember).

At any rate, today we have the impressive and bold Mirror's Edge in review; a game that is big in its ideas, but smaller in its execution of them. That doesn't mean, however, you should overlook it - in fact, far from it. If you're looking for innovative, enjoyable fun with a new edge that isn't overly tied down to traditional gaming concepts this is for you. If you hate being frustrated, then you may want to prepare yourself.

mirror's edgereview
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Latest Comments
Posted 06:18pm 18/11/08
Faith and her ilk are hunted for harbouring the very freedom they fight for - it's an ironical nightmare

That's not irony! :)

Great review though, helped me prepare for when it is finally released on a platform that is worth buying it for (PC!!).

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Steve Farrelly
Posted 06:28pm 18/11/08
but they're using freedom to fight for freedom and are hunted for it - I think it's ironical to utilise freedom in order to fight for it

last edited by Steve Farrelly at 18:28:05 18/Nov/08
Steve Farrelly
Posted 06:32pm 18/11/08
Also, let us know what you think of the massive screenshot at the start... happy for our reviews to have screens that size, or happy the way our reviews are at the moment, regardless?
Posted 06:34pm 18/11/08
big screen at the start is good, would have preffered a different screen though with a bit more of faiths arms and legs and motion blur while jumping.
Posted 07:11pm 18/11/08
but they're using freedom to fight for freedom and are hunted for it - I think it's ironical to utilise freedom in order to fight for it

i'm guessing english isn't your first language.

its also not irony because its not a contradiction. it'd be irony if they chained themselves to things to protest for freedom. or if they broke into a jail or something.
Posted 07:32pm 18/11/08
Wouldnt ironic be like asking for a open ended go anywhere game, then finding out its a complete piece of s*** because of that open endedness, like say for example far cry 2?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 07:45pm 18/11/08
not biting
Posted 08:04pm 18/11/08
There needs to be a Godwin's law for Far Cry 2.

For once I agree with nF - its not ironic, its an entirely expected situation.
Posted 10:08pm 18/11/08
Short game ?
I smell an expansion.
Posted 11:24pm 18/11/08
Steve - what's with the italics of specific words & phrases throughout the review?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:34am 19/11/08
BassMan, just accentuating certain parts of the review I want to stand out. I guess adding more colour to the way you read, like how comics used to bold and italicise words and phrases in speech bubbles
Posted 01:37am 19/11/08
Thats a fantastic idea.
Posted 08:51am 19/11/08
haha, the irony.
Posted 09:13am 19/11/08
the ironical
Posted 01:54pm 19/11/08
Good review mate. Good game for me being short... limited game time. Big pics... good. Personally, it would be easier to read in a column format. Although some may not like having to scroll back to the top after getting to the bottom of the screen.
Posted 07:05pm 19/11/08
columns? maybe they could send you a paper copy. and charge you $10 for it. and you'd get all your reviews in one go at the beginning of the month.
Posted 12:58pm 22/11/08
re: ...Mirror's Edge really isn't like any game you've played before.

I couldn't help thinking that this is exactly like 'barbie secret agent' for bigger kids. It came out about 7 years ago for the PC. Perhaps it is unusual if the xbox/ps3 crowds are only used to shoot-em-ups.
Good review. Looks like a nice game.
Posted 04:05pm 22/11/08
it's like rain, on your wedding day.
Posted 05:35pm 22/11/08
Fighting for freedom is like f*****g for virginity
Posted 05:44pm 22/11/08
I am tempted to buy this..but just don't have the patience to sit in front of a tv screen to play games.
Posted 05:58pm 22/11/08
its released on pc in january
Posted 07:04pm 22/11/08
Fighting for freedom is like f*****g for virginity
If you know of a better way to make more virgins I'd like to hear it!!
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