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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:30am 17/11/08 | 12 Comments
The first dedicated exhibition celebrating the birth and growth of the videogames industry, Game On, has found its way to Queensland this summer, debuting at the State Library of Queensland in Brisbane.
Game On tracks the development of videogames from the earliest computer games to arcade-era hits and the very latest from todayís billion-dollar industry. With more than 100 playable games, as well as rarely seen consoles, controllers and collectables, this is a showcase of games history like no other.
You'll be able to check out the exhibition from November 17 through till February 15, 2009. More information can be found from the official Game On website.

game on

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Posted 11:24am 17/11/08
Caught this while I was in Melbourne. Pretty fun way to spend a couple of hours. Some of the old arcade cabs they had there were pretty awesome.
Posted 11:59am 17/11/08
Went to this in London, very cool. Defo recommend going if you can - actually heading there today myself.
Posted 12:22pm 17/11/08
Saw this in london when it opened. Guess it's even better now with 5 more years of gamage to cover, was worth the visit then...
Posted 04:19pm 17/11/08
Looks awesome, I'm organising a bit of a group to head on down there for this sunday. save $6 on entry to spend on hookers and hoes.
Posted 05:27pm 17/11/08
Just got back - was hardly anyone there so we pretty much had free reign over the place. Some really fun stuff there - didn't realise it was actually two levels until we had spent a good 2-3 hours downstairs. The nice lady at the ticket office put us through for student prices as well. I got some photos - if anyone is interested I'll put them up somewhere.
Posted 08:26pm 17/11/08
sweet, im gonna check this out
Posted 11:11pm 17/11/08
SO uhh its free to play the games ?

They have any memorabilia like T-shirts cups etc ?
Posted 11:22pm 17/11/08
i doubt you actually play any games

its more of epenis among groups of nerds re: who played earliest game
Posted 11:22pm 17/11/08
oops, forgot to mention "she used to play with my joystick" puns
Posted 11:46pm 17/11/08
You can play all of the games there.

It's more like a giant timezone with minimal things you can't actually play or touch.
Posted 09:14am 18/11/08
I'd say you are looking at 100-150 playable games.

Some photos can be found here - Unfortunately I didn't take any photos of the upper level, which is more focussed on the modern-day consoles. And you can play all the games for as much as you want all day for the ticket price.

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Posted 09:15am 18/11/08
Saw this in melbourne..some crazy as games..the japs are the worst, they have a game that is just about riding a train from one station to another..

They had doom and all kinds of stuff.

Well worth the money
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