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Post by Dan @ 04:58pm 12/11/08 | 3 Comments
Gaming site 1up have an interview with Evolution Studios' lead designer Nigel Kershaw and creative director Paul Hollywood revealing some curious tidbits about of their arcade racer and PlayStation 3 exclusive launch title Motorstorm.

The video is for the recently released Motorstorm Pacific Rift but the most interesting parts are the comments on the early development of the original Motorstorm. As part of the PlayStation 3 unveiling, Sony released a teaser trailer for the game at the 2005 E3 expo that was actually just a concept render created by an external animation studio, leaving the developers with the massive task of bringing it to life in real-time.
"They actually announced the specifications on a slideshow presentation [at E3]. We sat and jotted them down, and then they showed our movie," Hollywood explained. "It was like, 'This is what the PlayStation 3 can do, and this is what you'll get on it.' We're sitting there trying to do the math in our head and asking, 'Can we really do this stuff?"
Although it never claimed to be in-game action, it was also never confirmed otherwise. They did go on to create a very tasty looking game, though not representative of that original footage. Kershaw goes on to say
"it's this thing that haunts you, that you didn't match your target render... Everybody makes such a big fucking deal of it. Who gives a shit? That's how we make games. If people have got a problem with that, tough."
This has obviously been the case with other early reveals, most notably Killzone 2.

What does everybody think? Is it a bad thing to promote games in this manner, creating a potentially unrealistic expectation? Or a valid marketing tactic to drum up early interest in the game.


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Posted 05:08pm 12/11/08
No its not bad, because people are idiots and eat that s*** up, if it didn't work and actually had a noticeable backlash when the game was released years later they wouldn't do it.
Posted 05:11pm 12/11/08
meh. since when has the teaser/trailer/pre-rendered-scene ever been indicative of the actual game? i remember the teaser footage for mechwarrior2 n it was this awesome pre-rendered mech battle with movie like explosions n s*** flying everywhere... n the game was really blocky models with s***** texs... still rocked to play though!
Posted 05:53pm 12/11/08
i dont care about it really, because its easy to tell whats in-game and whats not. what annoys me is fanboys INSISTING that it is real. (ps3 fans lately)
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