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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:30pm 11/11/08 | 9 Comments
Ubisoft have let us know they've put together a special collector's box to be made available for pre-orders of Prince of Persia (releasing December 4) exclusively at EB stores across the country (and in New Zealand).

Anyone who decides to do their Prince of Persia shopping at EB Games will net themselves the following:
  • A high quality collector box set featuring varnish & metallic blue arabesque finish
  • An exclusive 24 pages Comic book unveiling the back story of the Hunter, one of the key bosses of the game
  • 20 Page Prima Mini-Guide
  • A scratch card with unique code to unlock exclusive in-game skins for the Prince (Prince "classic" skin) and Elika ("Farah" skin)
  • A bonus DVD including soundtrack, videos, e-goodies, widget and more!
You can put your hand up for a pre-order from any EB store starting today, and accoring to Ubi, supply is limited.

prince of persiacollector's edition

Latest Comments
Posted 12:55pm 11/11/08
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:24pm 11/11/08
for PS3 and 360 it'll knock you back $109, for the PC (as the above package), only $89 - pretty cheap!
Posted 01:24pm 11/11/08
Announcement didn't mention a price, but if you look on they have it at $109.95
Posted 01:27pm 11/11/08
wow $89 very cheap for collectors edition
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:41pm 11/11/08
that price is from Ubisoft ^^
Posted 02:04pm 11/11/08
Nice deal, but I've sworn off buying anything else from EB, they've f***ed me around one too many times in the past =\
Posted 02:13pm 11/11/08
EB has been pretty good to me, how can they really f*** you around?
Posted 02:15pm 11/11/08
i will probably get it from cdwow for $50
Posted 02:27pm 11/11/08
looks like junk

i guess it would be ok if you really really loved pop
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