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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:49pm 30/10/08 | 26 Comments
A playable demo of DICE and EA's forthcoming free-running futuristic first-person action title (say that fast three times), Mirror's Edge, is available from today (October 30) for PS3 from the PlayStation Store and tomorrow (October 31), for the Xbox 360 from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

The demo will include the game's prologue level, a tutorial and a small portion of the first level of the single-player story mode, which is likely the same demo we played at this year's Tokyo Game Show.

Mirror's Edge is the second major new IP to come out of EA this year, alongside EA Redwood's Dead Space (review up very shortly), and will be available Australia-wide on November 13.

mirror's edgedemo

Latest Comments
Posted 03:01pm 30/10/08
QQ no pc demo :(
Posted 05:47pm 30/10/08
Sweet I can't wait to check out the PC demo - oh.
Posted 06:14pm 30/10/08
dissapointed.. no PC demo??

Posted 06:57pm 30/10/08
GAY! I have to wait until saturday until i get uncapped :@

cant wait till this comes out, will finally be something else to get on my ps3 =)
Posted 07:26pm 30/10/08
No demo up on PS network!
Posted 07:28pm 30/10/08
Yeah no ps demo yet. It will come up tonight or tomorrow when the psstore weekly update occurs.
Posted 08:54pm 30/10/08
probably wont see the pc demo for a month or 2 since its not being released on pc until early next year
Posted 11:21pm 30/10/08
So s***** at them for moving the PC release back months!

Who the hell wants to play first person games on consoles anyway?
Posted 01:08am 31/10/08
I don't know if it'd really matter if you're playing Mirror's Edge on console though, because from all the videos and stuff, it seems like only a tiny portion of the game actually involves any sort of shooting. They've even made a deal out of the fact in the past that you can go through the entire game without ever shooting a gun.
Posted 04:27am 31/10/08
It's like 3:30am and there's still no demo on psn. :(
Posted 05:07pm 31/10/08
Still no demo on live either
Posted 05:14pm 31/10/08
live demo isn't until the 31st (US time obviously)
Posted 05:15pm 31/10/08
It's not really the shooting that I have issue with, though it is terrible. It's more how controlling a first person view feels on consoles. With a kb/mouse combo it's much easier to separate movement and vision (one for each side of the brain), and therefore I think do much more natural manoeuvres where one is independent of the other.

Also a mouse is such a more natural way of controlling your vision, where you basically move your eyes to where you want to look, instead of pushing your face in a direction until you are looking where you want to look. You always seem to be doing some looking with your movement instead of entirely with your view.
Posted 05:38pm 31/10/08
Finally got it, it's about what I expected really.
I suck at using thumbsticks to control my view though. Anyone who's played console FPS games before shouldn't have this problem though.

I guess I'll wait for it to come out on PC.
Posted 06:06am 02/11/08
The demo left me wanting more. I thought it was really good and look forward to (hopefully) getting some more challenging stuff with variety. Plus this game has really awesome music and a hot azn b**** I'd go her pixels serious bro.
Posted 10:41am 02/11/08
It's quite a good demo, nice premise good graphics hopefully there would be an option for pad control function ( on PS3 )...
Posted 12:34pm 02/11/08
the demo is pretty fun =) cant wait to c what the full game has to offer
Posted 12:41pm 02/11/08
Pretty good, wasn't worse than what I expected.
Posted 12:42pm 02/11/08
i think the graphics need to b cleaned up a fair bit though
Posted 05:10pm 02/11/08
I d/l & played this today - it's awesome.

Another game I'm going to have to buy (still playing thru Dead Space & Fallout 3).
Posted 10:41pm 02/11/08
i think the graphics need to b cleaned up a fair bit though

that on the ps3? ps3 demo doesnt have AA.
Posted 12:18am 03/11/08
Oh, really? I did notice that it was pretty jaggy on the PS3. I would have gotten it on 360, but the f*****s said I couldn't download it because I don't have a gold account. What a load of bulls***.
Posted 02:00am 03/11/08
I want to play the demo so bad, but like Midda I don't have a gold account and that is just such f*****g bulls*** that non-subscribers can't get it yet. i'm pretty sure i'll like this game though by the looks of it so mabye I can do a trade in with jb hi-fi or something. going to check their site now
Posted 02:04am 03/11/08
It didn't really grab me tbh. Seems like a cool game, but I'm just not sure how long running around and jumping off things would stay interesting. Its a cool enough concept that if someone I knows buys it, I'd borrow it off them once they're finished with it, but I doubt its the sort of thing I'd buy myself.
Posted 10:48am 03/11/08
that on the ps3? ps3 demo doesnt have AA.

yer, that must have been y all the edges looked horrible and not smooth
Le Infidel
Posted 11:06am 03/11/08
yeah I think I'm with khel on that one
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