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Post by Dan @ 08:41pm 28/10/08 | 10 Comments
EA have released a new trailer for Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3, celebrating tomorrow's Launch of the PC version in North America. The 2 and a half minute clip - which would serve as a good entry point for those that haven't yet seen much of the game - is a mix of the series' famous live-action cut-scenes and storyline with some gameplay action thrown in. Check it out here in the AusGamers video library.

Unfortunately, the Australian release is lagging a bit behind the US this time with the PC version - currently due on November 6, and the Xbox 360 version following on November 13. No dates at all have been hinted at for the apparently "stalled" PlayStation 3 offering. The dozen or so other trailers we have for the game can be found via our Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 game page

red alert 3trailergameplay

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Posted 08:54pm 28/10/08

Posted 07:09pm 01/11/08
Now downloadable via EA Store
Posted 07:32pm 01/11/08
Articuz, what was the youtube about? It's not available anymore and the first frame looked quite appealing~!
Posted 07:41pm 01/11/08
looks way better than i expected. I'm now interested.

Why can't i press back in firefox to get here when i visit that page?
Posted 08:06pm 01/11/08
This game is pretty awesome I must say. What I love most about it is the fact that you don't face any missions alone. You always (so far) have a partner AI in the missions with you that helps you out. Quite a few good actors in the cut scenes too. George Takae (spelling?), that guy who played elizebeth's dad in PoTC series, J.K. Simmons, Peter Stormare, Andrew Divoff... and they are just the ones i've seen so far. Fun factions to play, awesome units (transforming mech jets and helicopters? f*** yea) and good solid single player. And lets not forget the opening movie is made as awesome as ever with an invasion of the new faction, Empire Of The Rising Sun, set to Hell March 3
Posted 08:18pm 01/11/08
F***kk I got this on pre order and it doesn't come out till next week :S C&C3 was crap but I was always more of a red alert fan.
I wont bother with the single player but will give LAN games a good bash.
Posted 10:07pm 02/11/08
Articuz, what was the youtube about? It's not available anymore and the first frame looked quite appealing~!

search youtube for "lt. eva" or "gemma atkinson".
Tanaka Khan
Posted 12:09pm 03/11/08
Tim Curry ftw!
Posted 02:40pm 03/11/08
Fake informercials for RA3, with the Hoff!
Posted 03:53pm 03/11/08
Sweet Game.

I rikey
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