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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 09:50pm 23/10/08 | 40 Comments
As one of the first of the end of the year's big releases, Ubisoft's Far Cry 2 is in a position to steal some sales thunder after a bit of a lull in good games to play. However, there still seems to be less of an emphasis on picking this up than there should be, but we're here to tell you it's most definitely a look.

You can check out our in-depth review for the skinny, but know that almost 80% of games releasing on all platforms between now and the end of the year are going to be worth your investment (I did make up that figure though), so be sure to see what we think and drop your thoughts about the game if you've already picked it up or once you do.

You can also check out more from our Far Cry 2 game page. We also have an awesome audio interview with lead designer Clint Hocking.

far cry 2review
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Latest Comments
Posted 09:53pm 23/10/08
might want to link directly to the review
Steve Farrelly
Posted 09:55pm 23/10/08
heh, good point - PC died right while posting, so I forgot... fixed now :)
Posted 09:59pm 23/10/08
Beyond all that, the impressive technology at-hand is a marvel unto itself. With an engine built from scratch (initially for PC) that not only lets you play in a 50sqkm game-world

I just loaded it up on PC and it seems really really heavy with the accel on the mouse, and I can't find anywhere to turn it off either. It feels kinda similar to how console thumbsticks are setup, but on a mouse, obviously.

Anyone experiencing the same thing, or have any tips on how to remove it?

last edited by reso at 20:59:46 23/Oct/08
Posted 09:58pm 23/10/08
Enemies seem to react to hits for me, granted they recover quickly and start shooting back, the way cod did it annoyed me as the enemy would fall over making you think they are dead, only to get up as soon as you turn your attentions elsewhere.
I find it more annoying that the enemy can spot you through the undergrowth and shoot at you when you cant see them, although i've only played for about an hour, so my feelings may change.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 10:02pm 23/10/08
I noticed that you simply can't trounce through the underbrush, I have managed to truly sneak up on enemies and get right behind them to take them out with the machete, but yeah, AI seems *slightly* off IMO, but still cool
Posted 02:25am 24/10/08
just finished a marathon sesh with it then.. love it. thought i would need to upgrade my pc to play it, but its supersmooth on a 8800GTS with everything cranked at 1680x1050. looks s*** hot.

i get the same thing reso.. feels like a mouse lag or something.. takes me a bit longer to line up my shots and difficult to do snap 180 headshotz. getting used to it though.

also agree with your point steve that checkpoint enemies respawn too quick. i'm rolling through the jungle in my jeep and have to pull over to clear out a checkpoint again like i did only minutes ago. i do like how the AI is super aggressive though.. shocked me at first how relentless they are, but they can take a lot of lead considering theyre just wearing a fkn singlet.

gfx are very slick.. love the afternoon sun streaming through the foggy jungle. and the explosions are the best ive seen in a game too.

seems heavily based on that lord of war movie. would be better if the jackal looked like nick cage so you could shotgun that sad-puppy look off his face.

in conclusion, i never want to travel to africa irl.
Posted 02:30am 24/10/08
seems heavily based on that lord of war movie. would be better if the jackal looked like nick cage so you could shotgun that sad-puppy look off his face.
hhhhhhhahahahha ha ah haah. I laughed IRL.
Posted 10:51am 24/10/08
So should I be looking to get this or Dead Space?
Posted 10:55am 24/10/08
Get both :)
Posted 11:25am 24/10/08
I just got both. I will tell you which one is less crap.
Posted 11:27am 24/10/08
And Fallout 3.
Posted 12:38pm 24/10/08
Cant wait for the Mod Community to get a hold of this. Maybe a realism mod
Posted 12:46pm 24/10/08
I edited the GamerProfile.xml under my games and set UseMouseSmooth="0" Smoothness="0" Smoothness_Ironsight="0" and I don't notice the mouse lag in game, only on the menus
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:54pm 24/10/08
ZOMG - Dead Space... so good. Review coming soon
Posted 07:10pm 24/10/08
Bought this game and am dissapointed atm. Using and ATi 4870, even with the 8.10 hotfix im getting stuttering and CTD's. Haven't even got past the first firefight. will have to wait for patches. QQ
Posted 07:27pm 24/10/08
The only weird mouse behaviour i am experiencing is with the monocle and menus, guns seem fine.

A few hours in and i can see the driving everywhere could get old quickly, did two missions for the weapons guy, both times he sends me to the other side of the map.
Posted 07:29pm 24/10/08
Ride the bus! Better way to travel usually.

If you can get where you're going by boat it's often a better way than driving too, less checkpoints.
Posted 07:57pm 24/10/08
I looked at the bus locations, but it seemed as much f*** around to drive to the bus stop, then drive to destination... i guess far cry 2 is just like real life.

Yeah the checkpoints seem to be a bit annoying, cant just drive straight through as they instantly catch up to you, even if both guys werent in a car and the engine was off, unless you slam straight through and get straight in the turret while moving and mow them down before they start firing.
Posted 08:33pm 24/10/08
Yer I'm not happy with the Checkpoints. I wouldn't mind if you could just drive right on through and not get the Insta-catch up they seem to do.

O and I'm really not liking the Super Soldiers. You shoot these singlet wearing dudes with several bullets and they still keep going, kinda kills the 'realism' the game seems to be aiming for.
Posted 02:14am 25/10/08
use the bus station in the central town nubs. it can take you directly to any of the four corners of the map, then back to the center. though i dont like to take it often cos i lose my orientation and it feels disjointed.. but i'm starting to know the area pretty well and dont even need a map for the most part.

the bus ride also takes a couple of hours (in game) so when i arrive at a destination it's usually in the middle of the night. nights are gay cos it doesnt look as purty.

i wish there was more wildlife too.. beyond the odd gazelle and zebra. i want to hack up baboons leopards hippos n s***.

yeah 'farcry2: big game hunter' mod w00t!
Posted 12:03pm 25/10/08
Using and ATi 4870, even with the 8.10 hotfix im getting stuttering and CTD's.

I'm using a 4870x2 and I get no problems at all, run it in ultra high detail and it runs perfectly.
Posted 12:13pm 25/10/08
I just logged into Steam and saw that they've released Far Cry 2 to Australian users. $54.99
Posted 12:59pm 25/10/08
just remember (i forgot) its $54 USD
Posted 01:06pm 25/10/08
I'm using:
x1950 Pro 256meg
64 X2 4200+
3 Gig Ram

Most settings are on medium and I get 30fps during the day and around 50 during the night.

I was getting the mouse lag until I dropped down the physics and real tree? level. It seems the mouse lag is caused by chewing up your CPU.
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 01:11pm 25/10/08
The voice acting is SOOOO BAD! Other than that it seems OK, totally different to Far Cry 1 though.
Posted 01:27pm 25/10/08
just remember (i forgot) its $54 USD

True, it works out to about $88 AUD.
Posted 02:01pm 25/10/08
f*** yer the voice acting is bad;

ive just started and listened to the monotonal speech of the guy writing the story on the jackal, and was thinking "f*** yer, this voice acting is bad"
Posted 07:17pm 26/10/08
its not that bad.

still better than most games.
Posted 08:11pm 26/10/08
I have some minor issues with the mouse-lag - feel Consolized and not as sharp as other games, still - looks pretty good, will give it a good hack until L4D comes out
Posted 12:44pm 28/10/08
I love the open world feel and realistic feel, but it had an odd effect; it felt wrong gunning down the safe house protectors during the tute, so I thought I 'd try to play the game without killing anyone. Gotta say it's WAY harder. Those checkpoints aren't too bad if they only have one jeep (blow it up from afar and drive on through), but some missions are nigh impossible to complete without getting spotted. The dart gun made it a lot easier, but only 3 shots is a right royal pain. Anyone know what upgrade you need to store more darts?

So far my kill list is:
2 guards in 1st safehouse (mandatory)
2 drug dealers (mission, but they were bad! ./arnie)

[quote]yeah 'farcry2: big game hunter' mod w00t![/quote]
On the Collector's Edition DVD they show parts of the producers trip to Kenya and one of the guides asked what would happen in the game if you shot an animal. They basically said that there's nothing stopping a player shooting anything, but it's not going o be encouraged. Felt like it was a PC type of thing to say to a conservationist guide, but he looked like the the thought of a trophy or the like for bagging some big game had crossed his mind.

Funniest thing I've seen so far is a jeep coming over a hill sideways and rolling over a couple of times. 'WTF??!?" I thought, but kept sneaking along only to find a dead zebra right on the rize of the hill. The patrol had hit it at speed and crashed with no direct involvement from me. That was awesome incidental action. I was expecting though to see more of that. Isn't there supposed to be a war on? why aren't there gunfights over patrol points? Maybe I'm not far enough through it (~15hrs, most side missions but only ~12% main storyline). Does the war open up everywhere later on?

Posted 01:18pm 28/10/08
And yeah, the mouse cursor looks software controlled, possibly to make the code transition to consoles easier.

Anyone tried multiplayer? The matchmaking is s***e with many games located on overseas servers and no gamespy-like interface at all to make any kind of informed choice. I can only think that they did that to keep the codebase the same as the consoles, and if they did I'd be whinging more about that than a software mouse cursor.
Posted 08:30pm 01/11/08
Far Cry 2 doesn’t feel like a PC game.
Plays more like a consol game to me.

I’ve noticed a trend in the past few years, games made purely for PC seem to be enjoyable, however games that are prepared for both PC and consol seem to be . . . S***!
Posted 08:54pm 01/11/08
1 of the funniest moments i've seen in-game was a mission the arms dealer guy gave me. destroy the convoy thingy. So i arrive where it shows on the map and somehow the leading car has gotten stuck between a rock and a tree, facing sideways blocking the entire road. So the truck i need was just there doing nothing. on top of that, there were like 6 or 7 people all standing around looking at the stuck car as if seeing wtf to do. 1 grenade... mission complete.
Posted 10:23am 02/11/08
got to 16% through the story in the 1st act and couldn't be assed playing it anymore.

playing far cry 2 feels like a chore, it's not fun at all =(
Posted 07:35pm 03/11/08
how can i download the game??can someone tell me??sorry is sound likka newbie or something but can someone help me?
Posted 07:47pm 03/11/08
how can i download the game??can someone tell me??sorry is sound likka newbie or something but can someone help me?
Posted 07:50pm 03/11/08
nice troll trog
Posted 08:01pm 03/11/08
how can i download the game??can someone tell me??sorry is sound likka newbie or something but can someone help me?

if they release a demo get that. when you complete a mission, hit quick load.

keep doing this until you are bored out of mind, you'll have experienced pretty much exactly what anyone who bought the game did.
Posted 08:08pm 03/11/08
shut up nF.

I dont even think the noob wants to hear your s***.
Le Infidel
Posted 08:26pm 03/11/08
I got it but cant see going back to it after gta4 + xbox 360 i got at the same time which was maybe a dumb idea

even though crysis ran a lot worse than far cry I think I liked it more with the fun fun fun powerup runs chokes and throws it had
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