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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:00am 23/10/08 | 10 Comments
Though you may not be aware, there's a budding gaming community in the far off reaches of India and they've just been denied the official release of Fallout 3 as the game's publisher in the region, Microsoft, are worried it might contain "cultural sensitivities" that could offend potential players.

Moreover, the Xbox 360 version of the game was the only platform version due to be released in the country leaving no other options for anyone in region who might have still wanted to have a look at it.

Just prior to its release Fallout 3 suffered controversy here in Australia that saw a number of
real-life drug references changed for the game, worldwide.

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Posted 01:57pm 23/10/08
Well, they should have signed the NNPT then shouldn't they.
Posted 05:52pm 23/10/08
Also, no Gears of War 2 for Germany or Japan
Posted 05:55pm 23/10/08
Why not Japan?

I'm guessing for Germany it has something to do with Red Blood.
Posted 06:02pm 23/10/08
Actually reading the article again it was the usual bulls*** of websites posting unconfirmed stuff as fact; apparently Japan is not yet confirmed one way or the other.
Posted 06:05pm 23/10/08
I can kinda understand why they're avoiding the release, 2 headed brahman might cause complications.
A 2 headed mutated Jesus which you could kill and eat might have caused an uproar too ><
There's still ways for them to get it online I guess.
Posted 06:09pm 23/10/08
An uproar is typically exactly what they want when they release games, because it usually translates directly into dollars! I suspect if they're not releasing it it is due to local legal restrictions on certain aspects of the content.

I know everyone thinks we have it tough in Australia, but in Germany it's way worse, IMO. They can't have blood in games at all, they can't have Nazi symbols etc meaning WW2 games take a beating.
Posted 07:09pm 23/10/08
Japan might ban GOW2 because it didn't have enough underage schoolgirl tentacle rape.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 07:32pm 23/10/08
I saw a live action special-effects tentacle rape pron DVD cover while akhiabara - Dan can confirm
Posted 07:52pm 23/10/08
He was the star?
Posted 10:41pm 23/10/08
Japan might ban GOW2 because it didn't have enough underage schoolgirl tentacle rape.

lol was going to post similar but scrolled down and u beat me ^_^ nw.
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