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Post by trog @ 12:37am 08/10/08 | 37 Comments
Some big news in the hardware world - the NY Times has announced that chipmaker AMD is to split into two companies in order to try to stay competitive against Intel. There'll be a design company and a fabrication company, the latter of which is getting a few billion greenbacks from the Abu Dhabi government.

For a while there AMD was doing pretty well in the gamer market, then Intel's Core 2 Duo seemed to come out and set the new standard of price/performance. What is in the guts of your machine these days?


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Posted 12:39am 08/10/08
Core 2 Duo E6600 baybee, and loving it. Although I'm laptop-bound at the moment - where I also have a Core 2 Duo which is amazingly awesome for performance in such a small machine (Dell M1210).
Posted 12:47am 08/10/08
What just happened? Did trog just split into two people?
Reverend Evil
Posted 12:57am 08/10/08

trog may have split into two people but have you heard that the b-b-bird, the bird is the word!
Posted 01:03am 08/10/08
that was a crap episode

shark jumpingly crap
Le Infidel
Posted 02:07am 08/10/08
what about tghat ATI buy?
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Posted 06:59am 08/10/08
Core 2 Duo 7200 here for my gaming PC, and just a cheap Athlon 64 4850e (the energy efficient one) in my media PC.
Posted 08:34am 08/10/08
My pc is core 2 duo E6750 love it. , And just bought a nother 2 brand newmachines for parents, $360 a peice!!! core2duo 1.6 2gb ram 160gb hdd, onboard nvidia etc, been *testing* one of them as an XBMC machine, runs HD content lovely.

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Posted 08:42am 08/10/08
Yeah, AMD were doing well, but ever since Core2 came out it's been Intel all the way again. It's not that AMD dropped the ball, just that Intel stepped out of their poor form.

AMD doing chip fab is probably a good way to make some side dollars by producing product for other companies - it also means they're not just shoving resources into smaller processes for only their own products.

Currently my systems are a Athlon 3800-X2, a Core 1 iMac and a Core 2 MacBook Pro. I was planning to buy a new Core 2 Quad system for Spore, how incredibly glad am I that I didn't do that? :)
Mr Hardware
Posted 09:17am 08/10/08
Athlon 5600+
Don't you know about the bird
Well everybody knows that the bird is the word

i thought trog was going to say AMD was splitting into two companies - one for CPU's, one for Video Cards, and they're gonna rename the latter ATI. lulz.

Also, didn't AMD start life as a chipmaker for other companies? (esp intel?)

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Posted 09:39am 08/10/08
I was reading yesterday that the new Shanghai Opteron cpu's with 6MB L3 cache are suposedly 35% faster and 35% more efficient.

Should do well against the latest Xeons...

I guess it all depends on what these new i7's are like.
Posted 09:47am 08/10/08
What is in the guts of your machine these days?

p4 3.4ghz :[

i know about the bird. it's the word.

that was a crap episode

asif. jesus as a stand-up comedian/celebrity was hilarious! :D
Posted 09:51am 08/10/08
Being a multi boxer I have 2 game machines

one is a Core 2 duo E6850, the other is a Core 2 Quad Q9400

My HTPC is an amd.
Posted 09:59am 08/10/08
i have amd 2000 (1.8ghz) :) still going strong
Posted 10:02am 08/10/08
AM2 4000+.

I've always used Intel but I thought I'd be crazy and give AMD a whirl this time. As I really just do basic PC stuff I don't think it makes any difference.

Split into 2 company's? So does that mean it will be a Dual Core company?

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Posted 10:24am 08/10/08
AMD 64 X@ 4200+

Going to do a cheapy upgrade soon to an AMD 6000+, that way I don't have to buy a new mobo and stuff.

After that though, who knows.
Mr Hardware
Posted 10:51am 08/10/08
just be careful of that tollazor, i chose a 5600 over a 6000 when i did my build a fair while ago, as the 5600 divides by 800 properly for the 800mhz ddr2 ram, where as the 6000 does not. so you pick up on clock speed but you lose on ram speed. also the 5600's were 89watt and the 6000s were 125watt iirc. hotter and more expensive for a minimal if not negated speed increase. that said, i don't know if those things are still the case.
Posted 12:43pm 08/10/08
AMD Dual-core 4200+ Athlon X2 from over 3 years ago.
Posted 01:01pm 08/10/08
also still using an old X2 4400+

Core 2 Duo in my work laptop though
Posted 01:10pm 08/10/08
Cheers Mr Hardware, I'm running 667 ram anyways so that isn't much of an issue.

Posted 01:11pm 08/10/08
Core 2 quad e9550
Posted 01:13pm 08/10/08
Core 2 Quad Q6600
Posted 01:28pm 08/10/08
Core 2 Duo E8400
Posted 01:41pm 08/10/08
Prior to getting my Mac mini I had a 3.0GHz E8400 Core 2 (.45nm).

Mac mini has Intel Core 2 2.0GHz (not sure what model).

I had Athlon up until the E8400 and Core 2 ownd it.
Posted 02:24pm 08/10/08

Core2 Duo E8500 3.16Ghz

Love it.
Posted 02:54pm 08/10/08
My last Windows PC was a P4 2.8GHz
Which I stopped using when I got a 1.5GHz G4 powerbook (it was faster - and ran OS X obviously)
Now I'm on a MacBook Pro with a 2.33GHz Core2 Duo

I may spend a few hundred $$ on a gaming PC if some awesome 'next-gen' games come out... Like Diablo 3. Actually, D3 will be native os x too... so it may be too tempting to just get a new macbook :P We'll see I guess. For now, all good. Intel really have smashed AMD with their Core2s - they don't even seem to be an option.
Posted 03:05pm 08/10/08
that was a crap episode

I liked the episode. Thought it was hilarious when peter was reading the newspaper building up to the surfin bird liner.
Posted 04:22pm 08/10/08
you will be hard pressed to find in any family guy episode where they wasted more time on a totally irrelevant plot than in this episode. not even the chicken fights come close to how long this went for.. think it was about 4 mins. good times!
Posted 05:31pm 08/10/08
Posted 05:40pm 08/10/08
Posted 05:59pm 08/10/08
Core 2 Duo E6600 in my PC, Core 2 Duo T9300 in my Dell XPS M1530 laptop...

The E6600 has to be one of the best CPUs I've ever had with regards to staying competitive!
<3 Intel 4 lyf.
Posted 07:01pm 08/10/08
Games: E6850
Laptop: NFI but it's a 2.4ghz something or other
Sitting in my spare parts drawer gathering dust: E6600
Sitting on my desk as an ornament: p200mmx
Sitting in my old PC beside the tv that's never used: pIII 866mhz

Oh yes, I see an intel pattern here.
Posted 07:03pm 08/10/08
I remember when the MMX chips came out and they were the bees knees.

200mhz with Multi-Media Extensions!!! Phoar.
Posted 07:12pm 08/10/08
Still got the AMD 3800+ X2 from years ago. Still does the trick.
Posted 08:20pm 08/10/08
asif. jesus as a stand-up comedian/celebrity was hilarious! :D

it had its moments. like the office space / record smashing scene

oh and um

athlon xp 2400. craptacular
Posted 12:55am 10/10/08
Im running this,

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 @ 3.4ghz (going to change it to 3.6 when i get my other headsink in)
EVGA 790i Ultra SLI
2x EVGA GTX 280 SLI (Overclocked: clock: 640 memory clock:1250 shader:1400)
ThermalTake Armor+
Tuniq Tower 120 CPU heatsink
4GB G.Skill DDR3 1333mhz (9-9-9-24)
Harddrives: 4x 500gig WD, 2x 200gig WD
CoolerMaster 1250w Power Supply
24" LCD Monitor
22" LCD Monitor
19" LCD Monitor
Logitech G15 keyboard (blue one)
Logitech G9 Mouse
Steelsound H4 gaming headset
Posted 01:31am 10/10/08
epeen +++++++++++++++++++++
Posted 01:32am 10/10/08
Hi Mitch, you are sadder than cyberHULK.

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