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Post by Dan @ 05:44pm 06/10/08 | 8 Comments
As mentioned back when we launched the new-look AusGamers site, the work isn't all done. We're continuing to develop different areas of the site and the latest section to receive this treatment is the AusGamers video library.

It's still in the early stages (you'll notice most videos don't have thumbnails yet) but there's some new functionality there that we hope will make browsing our locally hosted game trailers and other video content a better experience. Share your thoughts in the comments.

Also, a reminder to those that want to stay on top of the latest trailers, our video library RSS Feed is still in-tact.


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Posted 05:48pm 06/10/08
hot.. noo HOOOOOTT

What cainers those ausgamers dudes are.
Posted 05:59pm 06/10/08
Couldn't agree more
Posted 06:00pm 06/10/08

It'd be good to see what platform(s) apply - like DS will never interest me, and I'll more likely go for a wii or pc video. It'd be fine if you knew about all upcoming titles, but if you don't this is an awesome way of discovering a game coming along that could be good.

also, the column widths are pretty broken in webkit
Posted 06:00pm 06/10/08
circle jerk?
Posted 08:40pm 06/10/08
the work isn't all done

Can you make it work with flash player 10?
Posted 10:44pm 06/10/08
i am just happy thread subscribing is back.
Posted 08:01am 07/10/08
Love the improvements , Thanks :)
Posted 08:25pm 07/10/08
I noticed the new screenshot library thing and why the hell do I have to scroll all the way back down the page to click another image to view and have it display all the way back up the top? What ever happened to frames or *gasp* popup windows to view images so I can leave the thumbnails where they're at and have a popup window display them so when I close that I don't have to scroll all the way down if there's lots of images?

Video library looks to work the same way :(
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