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Post by darkjedi @ 10:37am 25/09/08 | 19 Comments
I wouldn't plan on being able to buy in-game gold in Warhammer Online anytime soon - Seems that one of the owners of Mythic has some "minor" issues with gold sellers, which has led to them adopting a zero tolerance attitude towards anyone spamming/advertising these services in-game:
Posted on September 21, 2008 by Mark Jacobs

I hate gold sellers/spammers. No, that's not strong enough, let me try again. I HATE GOLD SELLERS WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING. Ah, that's better.

Now, why do I hate them you may ask? I hate them for a number of reasons, most of which have been detailed in various interviews I've done over the years. And now that they have taken their obnoxiousness to new levels with gold service spamming, I HATE GOLD SPAMMERS EVEN MORE NOW THAN EVER BEFORE.
Why can't this guy work for Blizzard instead? The gold sellers in WoW are still as obnoxious as ever, even after Blizzard took steps to flood the game's economy with massive amounts of gold (via the plethora of daily quests and other means now available). My favourite bit of the post though?
I've been offered - a piece of the action - both personally and corporately in the past if I will either turn a blind eye or help them in their actions. This would have netted me and/or Mythic a very, very tidy sum, far more than we would see from box sales. My answer was and always will remain the same:

Go to hell.
Source by way of article on Kotaku.

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Posted 10:56am 25/9/08
i think on the rp servers a message appears whenever gold farmers get banned. says stuff like "< name > was burned at the stake for the false promise of riches" etc.

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Posted 11:17am 25/9/08
Why stop at just banning them with funny/RP style messages? It'd be more amusing if they had gibbets (or big cages) hanging above the main gates to the capital cities for putting the gold seller's character(s) in, with conveniently places piles of rocks nearby to throw at them. It'd probably take way too much in the way of programming/resources to do, but would still be a fun way to see the sellers shamed.
Posted 11:48am 25/9/08
It only took 2 hours from the release of the full game before I saw my first gold spammer on the RP server. It was all so sweet and innocent in the beta and CE head start ...

It's pretty easy to /ignore, but I'd be interested in how you report them. Is it just through the complaints section?

Posted 11:53am 25/9/08
I constantly get spammed cause i'm at the top of the list when you do a search =(
Posted 12:05pm 25/9/08
why are you so awesome?
Posted 04:07am 26/9/08
he is fully awesome, is the pvp fun?

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Posted 07:37pm 26/9/08
I constantly get spammed cause i'm at the top of the list when you do a search =(

That's what I don't get - if you can find them so easily, why cant Blizzard?

Why can't they just grab a list of people who mention 'gold for $$$' or whatever and ban repeat offenders.

Surely its not that difficult to do.
Posted 07:39pm 26/9/08
Posted 07:44pm 26/9/08
nah boba doesn't find them, they find him

but yeh, they can surely monitor for certain strings in messages. I just add them to ignore and appeal against them every single time. sometimes I even send them group invites repeatedly so they keep getting a popup on their screen over whatever interface they are using to do their spamming. I get the feeling I'm not gonna get in trouble myself for spamming a gold spammer.
Posted 08:27pm 26/9/08
i got spammed for the first time today. i reported the c***
Posted 02:24am 28/9/08
I thought that post was going to be about gold farming jobs.
Posted 01:06pm 02/10/08
He should have taken it, in 6 months time when the game is dead like Conan, they probably won't offer the same amount.

Except Conan wasn't fun.
Posted 03:13pm 02/10/08
Except Conan wasn't fun.

And is in the middle of having it's servers merged due to low-populations. Never a good sign for an MMO!
Posted 03:15pm 02/10/08
especially if its less than 6 months old
Posted 03:56pm 02/10/08
shame cos it was such a good game and a nice engine too. just needed some love in the melee combat area and a less s*** company handling updates and it would've done so much better
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