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Post by Khel @ 02:43pm 22/09/08 | 16 Comments
Better late than never? Electronic Arts have finally announced a date and a price point for Rock Band in Australia (no word on Rock Band 2 yet, unfortunately). At AU$199 for the instrument pack (drums, guitar and mic), and AU$250 for a bundle containing the instrument pack and the game, it destroys Guitar Hero's announced AU$330 price tag.

Things could get interesting, especially since some retailers seem to be unwilling to even stock Rock Band. No official word on that, but I've been told by a couple of JB Hi fi stores that they wont be stocking Rock Band and will only be carrying Guitar Hero.

Anyway, full story in the official press release.

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Posted 03:44pm 22/9/08
Heh, do you reckon they were just waiting for the GH:WT announcement to plan their price point?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 03:45pm 22/9/08
Still makes no point - people would be angry they're being made to buy older instruments when RB2 is already out with supposedly better ones - why worry when GH is reliable and up-to-date?
Posted 04:05pm 22/9/08
No matter whether we're rock band fans, or guitar hero fans, I'm sure we can all unite behind one thing, that being Konami's Rock Revolution looks s***.
Posted 04:39pm 22/9/08
Oath. I can't believe Rock Rev doesn't have vocals. Isn't Karaoke Konami's big draw? Or do they not want to diminish their other franchise?
Posted 04:42pm 22/9/08
Khel you are gay for comparing Rock Revolution with the other 2 products
Posted 05:41pm 22/9/08
Rock band has a better song line up then GH:WT but GH does have the better instruments, and the fact you can make your own songs (50% of wich will either be flaying wildly on the guitar for 30 seconds or abusing the s*** out of the whammy bar).

I will probably look at getting Rock Band as the song line up is better quality then the poo on GH:WT
Reverend Evil
Posted 07:07pm 22/9/08
I'd buy the Rock Band software if it's compatible with GH-WT but stuff buying RB's drumkit if it's no where as stable as GH's one.
Posted 07:42pm 22/9/08
Well the real question now becomes how many people are going to take the principled stand and not buy it because of the delay?

The problem is - as with just about any principled stand ever made by discriminating gamers - there are too many people that just don't care about things like this and have enough disposable income that they Just Want To Play Fun Games. So when it comes to Sending a Message, it basically never happens, which is why we're still battling the same retarded problems in gaming we have been for more than 10 years now (as always my main complaint is the lack of a freely available standalone dedicated server in FPS games, but it extends to almost every facet of gaming - particularly on the PC - such as the current DRM debacle with Spore).

By all reports its an awesome game (I certainly want it) so I suspect that people will still be shelling out the money - except maybe those that are dead keen to wait for GH:WT (or Rock Revolutions hohoho).
Posted 11:43pm 22/9/08
for me personally, i'm going with GH:WT all out with a full bundle. i'll still buy rock band but just the game alone. well actually that really depends how great WT is. I may not even bother at all if it is mind blowing

last edited by DM at 23:43:34 22/Sep/08
Posted 01:22am 23/9/08
F*** it boycott the damn thing. I have played it and while a good deal of fun can be had you aren't really missing anything if all you buy is GH. I have plenty of little personal boycotts running and this will just be another to add to a very long and undistinguished list.

I don't know, maybe I am just getting old and cranky but s*** service really f**** me off. Hell I even refuse to buy things if the TV ad I saw for it is to f*****g loud (you know those annoying as hell ones) as it is one of the most annoying things imo on the face of the planet.

Can you imagine what people would be saying if a company like Sony held off releasing the PS1 here until just months before releasing the PS2. I mean s*** why don't they just say F*** YOU Australia because this pretty much ammounts to the same thing.

last edited by Taipan at 01:22:16 23/Sep/08
Posted 04:56pm 23/9/08
The public know Guitar Hero they don't know Rock Band and now when the two come out almost together RB is gonna look like a cheap knockoff even though it was the one that was way ahead until it decided to give us the big finger (HDDVD parallel anyone). I hope RB crashes and burns here and that's really sad since they're the ones pushing the fairer downloads. Really though I couldn't give a crap coz I'm not into music sims.
Posted 11:29pm 23/9/08
Yeh, I'm buying an xbox 360 solely for GH:WT and Fable 2
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