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Post by Dan @ 11:09am 10/09/08 | 28 Comments
Australian gamers planning to import their copies of Fallout 3 to avoid playing the version censored to appease the Aussie Classifications Board no longer have to bother as Bethesda have now revealed that the same game will be shipping worldwide.

In a Q&A with Edge Online, Bethesda's Peter Hines confirmed that "there will be no differences between the version that releases in Australia and the versions that will release in other territories, including Europe and the US."

"An issue was raised concerning references to real world, proscribed drugs in the game, and we subsequently removed those references and replaced them with fictional names. To avoid
confusion among people in different territories, we decided to make those substitutions in all versions of the game, in all territories"

The important thing to take away from this is that Bethesda don't seem to be concerned that the alterations will negatively impact on the quality of the game. It is still disappointing however, that developers have to waste time conforming to the censorship standards of various countries - this decision perhaps being a reactionary measure to avoid having to work on multiple builds of the game.

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Posted 11:20am 10/9/08
oh well who cares if morphine is called morphine or not. just give it a fictitious 'street' name and you're in the clear.
sif greazy
Posted 11:30am 10/9/08
WHAT? I wanted to see my avatar injecting himself with horse s***, I can no longer dream of this!
Posted 11:31am 10/9/08
just give it a fictitious 'street' name and you're in the clear.

not before generating maximum publicity for the game beforehand by battling censorship, are you nuts?
Posted 11:47am 10/9/08
good one boba
Posted 12:26pm 10/9/08
Ready and willing to sign any online petition to stop this outrageous action.
Posted 01:02pm 10/9/08
so what happens if they rename cocaine "click" or something and fallout fanboys who also happen to be coke-heads start calling coke that. back to square one.

makes more sense to just have imaginary drug use to have the same penalties as real drug use in the same way that e-stalking and stalking do.

"sir, can you empty your inventory please? yes the horadric cube and bag of carrying +1 too."
Posted 01:09pm 10/9/08

It will still work out cheaper to import it anyway.

So, any bets on that the first mod (if it can be modded) will be renaming the drugs to real world references, just to stick it to the man!?

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Posted 01:42pm 10/9/08
You need to check your numbers. With the Ozzie dollar dropping and local retailers discounting like JB, it will be much cheaper to get it locally and quicker.
Posted 01:57pm 10/9/08
Posted 02:11pm 10/9/08
Yeah, I doubt I'll bother importing anymore, JB will have it for like $70 when it comes out and I can get it the day it comes out.
Posted 03:10pm 10/9/08
Yep, same. I reckon at most JB will have it for $79 when it launches, which is probably what I'd pay when importing it from somewhere like Play-Asia anyway (with shipping), not to mention getting it immediately.
Posted 04:59pm 10/9/08
yes sir, I was checking prices for games on playasia. They make me sad at the moment.
Though with a fair few games coming out in october I may bulk it and save.
sif greazy
Posted 06:35pm 10/9/08
Do new releases come out straight away region free or is there a delay?
Posted 08:04pm 10/9/08
You can cut off peoples heads with blood spurting out everywhere, and slice the f*** into someones gut, but GOD DAMN KEEP THAT MORPHINE AWAY FROM ME AND MY VIDEO GAMES
Posted 08:27pm 10/9/08
Some games acutally come out a day or so earlier than overseas. GTA hit OZ retailers a day earlier than overseas. I have noticed that the bigger the game, the cheaper it is from Big W and JB. GTA was like $80 at JB on release!
Posted 12:44am 11/9/08
Yeah, usually only for the first week or so. After the first week, JB were selling GTA4 back at $99.
Posted 10:07am 11/9/08
You f*****s, ruining my games for me. How else am I meant to be educated and 'street-smart' about what I'm injecting, if not from video games?
Posted 08:01pm 11/9/08
We'd like Micheal Atkinson to do two things... F*** and OFF

Maybe he could crawl back under his parliamentary rock from whence he came and stop screwing with things that are above and beyond his comprehension.

Video games don't make people violent, aggressive and obnoxious and we have alcohol to do that for us already ^_^.
Posted 08:10pm 11/9/08
Not cheaper here:

http://www.ebgames.com.au/PC/product.cfm?ID=11566 - $99.95

Slightly more cheaper here: (But free delivery)

http://www.aussiegamer.com.au/catalog/fallout-3-p-25401.html - $84.00

But holy crap 70 AUD here. I'm so importing it.

http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-7s-77-4-49-en-15-%22Fallout+3%22-70-2tfh.html - Price: US$ 54.90 (~68.58 AUD) but then again... Shipping at US$ 3.40

Talk about gaming being ripped off in Australia.
Posted 08:15pm 11/9/08
yeah, ill take paying abit more and having the ability to pick it up from the store instead of having to wait for it to be delivered possibly a few days after release.
Posted 08:22pm 11/9/08
JBhifi and Bigw are where it is at for the cheap release day purchase.
Posted 11:00pm 11/9/08
The change made to the game has been revealed. They changed the drug name "morphine" to "Med-X". You can all stop b****ing now.

Posted 11:02pm 11/9/08
as long as you can get hooked on jet, i wont give a f*** what they call any of the other stupid drugs.
Posted 12:42pm 12/9/08
You know what that means though. Import duties on foreign games.

An Australian game dev company has absolutely no disadvantage over a foreign one. Take a look at some of the big games of the last few years, Stalker was f*****g ukrainian. Serious Sam, etc was made by Croatians. Farcry/Crysis is German. Mafia was Czech. And heaps of other canadian, french, english, korean, japanese and whatever else companies.

If aussie companies can't compete its because they are s***. That said, aussie films are complete balls. (in general.)
Posted 08:59pm 12/9/08
Most Australian developers are too scared to do anything other than licensed tripe, that's where a big chunk of the problem is. I'm certainly getting tired of working on licensed crap.
sif greazy
Posted 10:25pm 12/9/08
its ok guys we are a sporting nation! we dont need any of these useless things
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