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Post by Dan @ 04:04pm 04/09/08 | 8 Comments
Yesterday we mentioned word of a rumored price point for Guitar Hero: World Tour and it appears our source was on the mark - if only for the PlayStation 2 version of the game. We've now received official word from Activision Blizzard Australia with prices for all platforms, peaking at $329.95 for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game.
  • The "Super Bundle" (Contains drum kit, guitar, mic, software) is PS3: $329.95, X360 $329.95, Wii: $319.95 and PS2: $299.95
  • The "Guitar Bundle" (Contains guitar and software) is PS3: $169.95, X360: $169.95, Wii: $159.95 and PS2: $149.95
  • The Standalone Game Software (game disc without controllers) is PS3: $89.95, X360: $89.95, Wii: $79.95 and PS2: $69.95.
The prices above are all in Australian dollars, and are the publisher RRPs only. Final retail pricing will of course be set by individual retailers so we can probably expect the same competitive price wars that we've seen upon release of the previous Guitar Hero titles.

There has also been no confirmation yet as to whether the drum kit will be available as a separate purchase or what it's individual price point would be.

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Latest Comments
Reverend Evil
Posted 06:20pm 04/9/08

Looks like this gets released on my two weeks off. This and Lich King will be something to look forward to.
Posted 06:55pm 04/9/08
Ouch.. That's almost as much as a new XB360 :/

Aussie tax rides again!
Steve Farrelly
Posted 07:15pm 04/9/08
seriously though - I've played on these drums, they're more than worth the price of admission, and they're resilient too
Posted 12:54am 05/9/08
1x Super Bundle coming right up. Now to just wait another month or 2
Posted 03:41pm 06/9/08
I might only be able to afford the game and guitar at launch. Will the drums go on sale seperately at a later date?
Posted 04:39pm 16/9/08
Will the drums go on sale seperately at a later date?
You'd think they would, but we haven't had an announcement on them or any pricing speculation.
Posted 05:38pm 16/9/08
Considering how many people already own Guitar hero on various platforms and have a guitar. They would have to sell the drums seperately as well.
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