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Post by Dan @ 03:31pm 03/09/08 | 11 Comments
Sony and Quantic Dream were showing off an impressive new PS3 exclusive title at the recent Games Conference in Leipzig, Germany - Heavy Rain, another original title from the French dev team behind 2005's acclaimed action-adventure title Fahrenheit.
A lot of effort has gone into making sure players of Heavy Rain aren't just racing through the game to try and complete it - the story and gameplay is designed to make you care for the characters and get emotionally attached to them, so that you will become really involved in the game.
Read on for AusGamers on-scene account of the impressive gameplay walkthrough and stop by our video library for the GC 2008 trailer for Heavy Rain.

heavy rainpreview

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Posted 03:48pm 03/9/08
title reminds me of the movie they made in Bowfinger.

The laker girls cheerleading squad needs to be taken down a peg or two
Posted 08:03pm 03/9/08
Thought this was going to be a storm thread.
Posted 09:00pm 03/9/08
Posted 09:50pm 03/9/08
chubby rain

chocolate rain

heavy rain?
sif greazy
Posted 10:11pm 03/9/08
...Profit Rain?
Posted 11:25pm 03/9/08
i remember reading about this game and seeing screenshots quite some time ago.

sadly the screenshots displayed and the wankerish style of reporting ive read built the graphics up well beyond what that video displayed..

not to say the graphics dont look good.. however i was expecting something a little more photo-realistic.

however im still very interested in this game for its storyline.
Posted 05:01pm 07/9/08
Have seen the trailer off the PS Store, looks quite interesting but will have to pass better answer once any actual in-game footage appears.
Most comments I'ved read are about the incredible looking close-ups, but in all honesty it is good but not incredible as most out there are saying... you'll notice in the trailer ( not just photo screenshots ) that the eyes don't really convey any type of emotion, the graphics does look good but way past that you can tell there's still something missing.
Maybe I'm just nit-picking, but if the all important gameplay/user-friendly control set-up will deliver in it's promise I'll definitely buy this game.
Posted 11:47am 08/9/08
If the graphics and character animations look as good as MGS4 then it should be a good game imo. Fahrenheit was good because of the story and how the game walked you though that - it didn't really have graphics worth talking about.

So if they can pull together an interactive story as interesting as their last one, even moderately good graphics could potentially make a good game a great one.
Posted 03:59pm 08/9/08
Fahrenheit was good because of the story
I guess you only played half way through it then?
Posted 04:00pm 08/9/08
Nope, to completion.
Posted 04:10pm 08/9/08
Because the last half of the story was pretty stupid, and pretty much anytime i see the game mentioned the last half craziness is mentioned too.
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