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Post by Dan @ 04:33pm 02/09/08 | 13 Comments
Bethesda released a swag of new trailers over the weekend giving a great in-depth look at the gameplay in the hotly anticipated Fallout 3.The 5 videos are narrated by Bethesda's Todd Howard and walkthrough various sections of the game detailing the workings and player options along the way.

Fallout 3 is due on October 31st 2008 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Stop by our Fallout 3 game page for more details and media.

fallout 3trailer

Latest Comments
Posted 04:45pm 02/9/08
I'll have to check these out in a few days, broke my d/l limit :(
Posted 06:47pm 02/9/08
saw these last week. looks awsome, especially that nuke going off.
Posted 06:56pm 02/9/08
Yer, the Nuke was a great effect. I'm looking forward to this game, even though it isn't isometric goodness.
Posted 07:05pm 02/9/08
jesus f*****g raptor christ that melee weapon looks sweet.
Posted 08:03pm 02/9/08
this game looked like it was gonna fail hard early on, seems to have improved alot since then.
Posted 08:39pm 02/9/08
i really have to play this to make a decent judgement, on one hand the 3rd person and first person views make the world look abit lame.

on the other hand, its f*****g fallout and it gives me an instant boner.
Posted 10:48pm 02/9/08
love the graphics!

specially the nuke.
Posted 12:58pm 03/9/08
I originally was pretty scared of how they were going to ruin fallout, then i started really looking forward to it.
After seeing these i'm a little standofish again but I still have to get it regardless :P
sif greazy
Posted 04:54pm 03/9/08
How does the VATS system work? Can you continually pause to shoot someones d*** off or do you have a certain number of action points? How do you regenerate these points?
Posted 07:35pm 03/9/08
I don't know exactly, but it certainly looks like its limited in some way by action points or something, cos even when hes in VATS targetting s*** you can see it queing up in the bottom right corner of the hud, and the amount of stuff he can queue looks limited. It would have to be limited otherwise I don't see why you wouldn't just it all the time to pwn everyone.
Posted 07:40pm 03/9/08
The number of Action points you have is based on your Agility Stat with a couple of modifies like some of the Perks, armour, drugs and so forth.

When you enter VATS you can target various body parts and so forth and each action uses up a couple of points. When you are out of VATS those points slowly regenerate.

Think of VATS as a special power that you can pop off once in a while.
sif greazy
Posted 09:33pm 03/9/08
I thought action points would be regenerated every time you kill an enemy, similar to how in max payne you get bullet time for killing enemies. Either way I hope its not a gimmick that will be useless.

Has the collectors edition for Australia's been finalised? I hope we get some cool s*** like the Americans.
Posted 06:23am 04/9/08
My biggest fear for the VATS system was mentioned my Trog, hopefully by release it will be fixed. The VATS deaths can not be skipped and would probably get repetitive after a little while.

The VATS system isn't a gimmick. It is heavily tied into your characters stats and is a major part of the combat orientated character-world interaction. Some of your characters will have heaps of Action points and some will have bugger all and that will make a huge difference in how you go about combat situations.

Apparently Australia has collectors editions with some bits'n'pieces in it, check the fallout 3 wiki. However sif buy it in Australia, you pay MORE for a censored version of the game. Buy it from play asia or somesuch..
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