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Post by Dan @ 04:22pm 29/08/08 | 7 Comments
We first went hands-on with Fable 2 a couple of months ago back during E3, but Microsoft and Lionhead Studios were in action once again at Leipzig Games Conference and this time trog has the low-down.
As with every game that Peter Molyneux is involved with, it promises a lot and the early glimpses we've seen indicate that there's a chance it will deliver. Fable was hugely popular and the sequel is looking like it will build well on the original with a bunch of big new features, so it's unlikely to do a Black and White on us, is what I'm saying here.
Read on for the complete low-down.

fable 2preview

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Posted 09:56pm 29/8/08
the weather effects look really nice.

Fable had a certain unexplainable charm to it even though it wasn't a particularly long or hard game. Fable 2 looks to be adding alot of proposed features that didn't make the first fable.
Posted 12:35pm 31/8/08
like any other RPG... if it has coop, i'll buy it. if it doesnt i wont bother even downloading it.

you would think game devs would have learnt by now... bring on sacred 2 and dawn of magic. Two amazing titles coming up with coop.
Posted 04:05pm 31/8/08
dawn of magic...

gamespot: 3.0
ign 5.4

"Buggy, broken, and entirely unoriginal, Dawn of Magic is one horrible action-oriented role-playing game." - gamespot.

leave fable2 to us...have fun with your "amazing title".
Posted 04:07pm 31/8/08
oh and fable 2 has multiplayer where another player can drop into your "world" and do co-op or just ruin your whole world, depending. so there you go.
Posted 08:56pm 31/8/08
nice tepid, looks like i'll give it a shot then. shame about dawn of magic, i didnt see that coming tbh, but if its just bugs then its easily patched hopefully. though sacred 2 should of got some good reviews i hope..
Posted 06:30pm 01/9/08
lol @ Dawn of Magic

It was released like a year ago
Posted 07:36pm 01/9/08
haha yeah.

fable 2 sounds good but it could just be molyneux hype again. but fingers crossed it isnt :)
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