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Post by Dan @ 11:25am 22/08/08 | 18 Comments
PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 owners are the first to get a taste of one of the years most hotly anticipated titles today as Lucasarts have released a playable demo of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for download on the PS Network and Xbox Live Marketplace.

The demo weighs in at about 900MB and offers one playable mission from an early part of the storyline as well as a brief tutorial to get you in the swing of things.

star wars: the force unleasheddemo

Latest Comments
Posted 11:37am 22/8/08
^^I downloaded the demo from PSN at about 2am last night, played it for a few minutes this morning before work.
The graphics are pretty nice I can't wait to play it some more tonight.
Posted 12:00pm 22/8/08
not a very long demo, but fkn awesome
Posted 12:02pm 22/8/08
Cheers Dave, my PS3 isn't here today so wasn't able to check.
Posted 01:23pm 22/8/08
If anyone has a spare PS3 or XB360 they're willing to loan me for the weekend, please let me know. wtb this demo on the Wii :(
Posted 02:50pm 22/8/08
Wonder how long it will be before they bring this to the PC!
Posted 03:00pm 22/8/08
They said they won't be.
Posted 03:01pm 22/8/08
sif greazy
Posted 06:47pm 22/8/08
which is hilarious because its coming out on the PSP.
Posted 03:22pm 23/8/08
I went online but it's not available to download for those with a silver membership.

/fail microsoft
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 05:20pm 23/8/08
I dl'ed it on the PS3, the demo has made me want the game...although I am a bit worried it will get repetitive, but the demo was great!
Le Infidel
Posted 05:20pm 23/8/08
kind of crap how its not for pc, theyve did make pc only for a while ...
Posted 05:43pm 23/8/08
Pretty short, but I enjoyed it.
Posted 01:50pm 24/8/08
i cant wait to download for xbox360! consoles are great! PC frustrating to keep upgrading all the time!...great to see a few awesome titles coming out only on console!!! e.g BAD COMPANY, Gear of War 2, END OF WAR and now The force Unleashed! .... just awesome!...THESE TITTLES WERE MY TICKET OUT OF THE PC GAMING WORLD!
Posted 11:39pm 24/8/08
mmmm tittles
Posted 10:48am 25/8/08
just downloaded that facebreaker.. was alright for a while.

50% downloading this, hopefully its good. Need another good ps3 game
Posted 11:30am 25/8/08
HA @ too complex for the PC.

Posted 11:34am 25/8/08
Its probably more that the pc platform is too complex to develop for. too many variables.
Posted 11:43am 25/8/08
meh just get a a 360, they're cheap as these days.
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