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Post by trog @ 05:08am 20/08/08 | 5 Comments
Well, there's a lot of gamer-types here in Leipzig at the moment - the Games Developers Conference is wrapping up and preparations are under way for the launch of the Games Convention, which is basically the consumer part of the show. There's a massive gaming presence in the city with banners for it everywhere on almost every street corner.

I was aimlessly wandering around the convention centre and somehow walked into the middle of the preparations and got to see a bunch of practice presentations and pretty much all the booths half complete. Amazingly no one seemed to mind that I was there, despite the fact that I was wandering around without a pass and happily taking photos - until I got to the Rockstar booth, where I was politely asked not to take any photos while they were still setting it up (it looks way cool).

I've uploaded some of the photos that I probably shouldn't have taken just in case anyone wants to have a gander at what it is shaping up like over here so far - pretty cool. There's a lot of stuff getting shown - new and old - and I'm guessing there's going to be a lot of people here over the next few days. Stay tuned for more as the convention proper kicks off tomorrow.

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Posted 10:42am 20/8/08
I too want a giant inflatable Death Star. Can you bring one back for me Trog?
Posted 12:33pm 20/8/08
cool pics
Posted 01:10pm 20/8/08
NICE EA DOME :) I'm jealous how dare they have a bigger dome than me :P
Posted 11:23pm 20/8/08
Man little big planet!!!! Good work trogo!
Posted 06:35am 21/8/08
look out for the guy demoing stormrise hes from brisbane!!!!
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