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Post by trog @ 02:49pm 14/08/08 | 9 Comments
The Leipzig Games Convention kicks off next week in, uh, Leipzig, Germany; I'll be heading over there to check out a bunch of the latest games at this event (which several people are not-so-subtly referring to as "the next E3"). We'll have coverage kicking off in the next few days, ramping up when we actually get to the event for the scheduled shenanigans.

Blizzard will be showing off a few games that some of you might have heard of, including Diablo 3, StarCraft 2 and World of Warcraft: Wrath of the The Lich King. The time slots for me to check these out are unfortunately limited, but if anyone has any questions they really want to know throw them into the comments here and I'll take a list of them with me and fire them off if I can.

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Posted 02:50pm 14/8/08
junkett city
Posted 02:57pm 14/8/08
hmm thought bliizard were only going to show off their games at blizzcon from now on. i guess not.
Posted 03:09pm 14/8/08
junkett city
I am actually paying to go over myself and I'm taking a holiday afterwards
Posted 03:19pm 14/8/08
Given Warhammer's setting up an Australian based server for the locals, I'd be curious to hear if there's a chance this might influence Blizzard to do the same for WoW/any future MMO they may release. Of course there's a good chance the people they'll have there probably have zero knowledge of that side of things...
Posted 04:23pm 14/8/08
Aussie servers would still be worth a mention so that they don't tihnk there is a problem anymore with their pseudo servers.
Posted 04:28pm 14/8/08
Another thing to ask would be about the professional gaming side for SC2. Do they anticipate that SC2 will take over from both SC and WC3 into a grand unified game, or is the game sufficiently different that there is a market for all 3 to exist in (lets hope not).
Specifically, what has been the feedback from Korean SC professionals and teams regarding the possibility of moving competitions overto SC2.
Posted 06:22pm 14/8/08
LOL @ Leipzig... its like the German Ipswich
Posted 06:26pm 14/8/08
i think a good question for sc2 would be :

is the latency going to be like in sc1 where every player had even delay, or is it going to be more like warcraft3 where people will have to find neutral hosts to have fair pings?
Posted 06:39pm 14/8/08
I am actually paying to go over myself and I'm taking a holiday afterwards

did you thank the eyeblaster gods and Mediasmart?
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