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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:58pm 07/08/08 | 15 Comments
2K Games have revealed PS3 owners eagerly awaiting the revamped and updated version of BioShock will also come with a challenging new gameplay mode called "Survivor". According to reports, this mode will reveal tougher, more menacing enemies, and Vita-Chambers will revive you with far less EVE. (You can still choose to play with the Vita-Chambers of, which of course, would make the mode even more challenging, but there's an unlockable Trophy for those you give it a shot).

BioShock for the PS3 is already said to have a bunch of improvements over its Xbox 360 and PC counterparts and is being developed by 2K Marin, who will also be handling development duties of BioShock 2. You can check out more on our BioShock game page.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:41pm 07/8/08
its because ps3 have bluray by default and xbox/ps3 gamers are all child rapists
Posted 01:47pm 07/8/08
vitachambers are for poofs
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:53pm 07/8/08
I never used one, but I ended up with a billion saves :P
Posted 03:04pm 07/8/08
Another reason to OWN a PS3 over a X360 :)

Posted 03:18pm 07/8/08
or both !@

The LG 60PG70FD is my new baby

(although the 360 is like the retarded cousin of the setup and i never use it)
Posted 03:49pm 10/8/08
BFJ, why do you have a multifunction printer as a centre-piece of your home theatre?
Posted 04:03pm 10/8/08
u should steal some cable ties form your car to clean that s*** up also
Posted 04:09pm 10/8/08
Yer, considering the amount of $'s spent on hardware, splash out a little and by a better cabinet and clean that s*** up!
Posted 04:14pm 10/8/08
Air conditioner over expensive tv = disaster waiting to happen :P
Posted 04:27pm 10/8/08
A MF printer in your entertainment area? You should spent $100 and clean up the cables and throw the printer in the bin. I agree though...buy both consoles...and a good PC. Why limit yourself to 1 platform.
Posted 10:12pm 10/8/08
Hahaha, a printer, wtf.
Strange Rash
Posted 11:11pm 10/8/08
lolz at the printer the cables and the black chick on tv
Posted 11:33pm 10/8/08
I've looked at tens of "show us your av setup thread" but I've never seen a f*****g printer as the centrepiece. Classy.
Posted 11:44pm 10/8/08
Got to go into the office and print some tickets out? More like grab the remote and have a beer!
Posted 01:15am 11/8/08
I want to see pics of the other rooms in the house. Photocopier on the bedside table, fax machine in the laundry etc.
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