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While I was hoping to extend my US trip to include QuakeCon this year, alas, it was not to be. Fortunately ShackNews are there in force and are covering the hell out of it. Here's a roundup of their coverage so far for all those hanging on for the latest from id Software:
Still might be a bit of life yet in the Quake brand depending on the success of the free Quake Live (despite Raven's best attempts to flatten the series). Rage sort of looks intriguing as well. I'm personally looking forward to Doom 4 (I know, it will be dark hahaha!!11), especially if there's some actual focus on making a decent multiplayer game. Co-op?

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Posted 05:37pm 01/8/08
Doom 4 multiplayer to be better than Doom 3's

Because it surely couldn't be worse.
Posted 05:51pm 01/8/08
"It's a rollercoaster ride with Apple always. They make nice when they want me to come make a keynote there," he said, adding that when he speaks honestly about the company, he often makes their "s*** list.""
"[Doom 4 multiplayer] will not be as good of a multiplayer as Quake Live is, but it should still be good, and we will intend it to be better than Doom 3 or Quake 4 multiplayer," said Carmack."
"Just recently we did the third round.. and said okay, everybody make your final offer. In addition to Activision and EA, we talked to THQ and Sega. There were pros and cons to every publisher.. In the end it came down to the heavy weights, Activision and EA."
Technical wizardy aside, I like him because he is one of the few developers to talk candidly.

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Posted 06:01pm 01/8/08
Doom 4 multiplayer to be better than Doom 3's

Yeah that 8 player went off lulz.
Posted 06:19pm 01/8/08
Man the extended Rage trailer makes me wet.
Posted 06:35pm 01/8/08
The racing part of Rage reminds we a lot of the old Powerslide game
The GuVna
Posted 06:48pm 01/8/08
Quake Arena 2 depends on Quake Live success

Gonna be all down to how well the user rankings / match maker service works. Hope it does, Quake V Arena would be rad. Plus has the potentional to have a really awesome Quake Logo attached to it :D
Posted 07:28pm 01/8/08
New rage interview from QuakeCon

Tim Tibbetts
Posted 07:42am 02/8/08
id just needs to make engines, the games they make are s***.
Posted 09:03am 02/8/08
I thought Quake 4 was alright.
Posted 09:34am 02/8/08
Quake 4 multiplayer was s***. It made me want to go back to Quake 3 Pro Mode / Rocket Arena.
Posted 11:46am 02/8/08
it was iD's secret that Quake Live is coming:)
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