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Post by Dan @ 10:54am 01/08/08 | 15 Comments
id Software's annual QuakeCon event is now underway in Dallas and as promised, more media has been released from Raven Software's upcoming Wolfenstein remake.

The QuakeCon 08 trailer offers some repeat scenes from the E3 teaser but still doesn't give too much away and nor does this new batch of screenshots.


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Posted 11:04am 01/8/08
What's everyone's thoughts on this so far? Personally, I'm pretty disappointed. It looks more like what you'd expect from one of those budget European developers rather than an experienced studio remaking such an iconic franchise.

But then, the only Raven Soft games I've really highly regarded were the Heretics, Hexens and SOF 2.
Posted 11:08am 01/8/08
As much as I love the Wolf franchise I would have preferred if they backed off a bit from the spooky paranormal stuff and focused on a more hardcore thrashing-the-pants-of-nazis game. But, that really has been done to death and maybe it'll be a bit of a refreshing change to have some sci-fi elements in there - especially if it's done with a good story.

And yeh, I'm not a huge Raven fan either so I remain unconvinced they can even pull it off :| That said, if they focus on multiplayer it could have a lot of potential - RTCW was kick-ass and I'm holding out hope there'll be a lot of multiplayer action in this one.

Screenshots look pretty cool, although from what I saw of the new CoD game at E3 it's shaping up to be a bit more impressive visually.
Posted 11:12am 01/8/08
i have no care factor for re-hashed old the movie industry the games industry needs to find some original direction n stop trying to make an ez buck by re-doing the same ol' thing in a slightly nicer engine. i've already played wolfenstien in 2 different engines... i really don't feel like playing it again in a newer one.

if they must revive old games in new engines... how about some blake stone action!@?!?! ;p
Posted 11:13am 01/8/08
screw wolfenstein where the f*** is duke nukem!
Posted 11:24am 01/8/08
I reckon they should have gone in a more theif style direction, "Escape from Castle Wolfenstein" a slower paced atmospheric stealth game where the whole game is set in the castle itself and your escape from it, like Die Hard almost. discovering the weird experiments in the depths of the castle, but a bit more grounded and not quite so far fetched in the experiments going on.

I'd buy that s***
Posted 11:24am 01/8/08
Nice one ... hope this game is going to be as good as its previous releases
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:25am 01/8/08
I really don't think this looks any good, except maybe for that vapourising gun you see towards the end of the trailer - otherwise, it looks a bit archaic TBH
Reverend Evil
Posted 11:43am 01/8/08
God damn that looks boring as s***. Looks the same as the last one but with updated gfx.
Posted 11:43am 01/8/08
i loved rtcw so im looking forward to this.
Posted 04:40pm 01/8/08
dosent look too bad. wouldn't fork out $100 for it though. might wait a while.
bill G8tz
Posted 08:09pm 01/8/08
looking forward to it

this is just a trailer at the moment RTCW multi was awsome played it for years
Posted 08:45pm 01/8/08
I actually enjoyed RTCW but I'm a little skeptical about this one, the flamethrower was kickass in the last one so hopefully thats back. The vaporising gun looks like it's been stolen right out of Unreal Tournament. Has there been any word whether this game was built on the doom3 or id5 engine?
Posted 08:49pm 01/8/08
i think its a modified d3 engine.
Posted 04:36pm 02/8/08
I reckon they should have gone in a more theif style direction

sounds interesting - how do you see it?

supernatural just doesn't go well with WW2 style gameplay from my experience - but anything's possible I guess given the world the Thief series was set in

*edit* speeling

last edited by koopz at 16:36:32 02/Aug/08
Posted 12:21pm 02/8/08
yeah I'd steer clear of outright supernatural stuff, just hints of it. Experiments deep in the castle on humans\animals etc, not cyborgs or anything retarded, more behavioral changes, something like condemned (ignoring the retarded ending of the sequel)

There's speculation that himmler and the nazis were researching into occult and strange phenomenon in WW2, I guess you'd take a more grounded "what if" scenario as opposed to sci-fi\fantasy
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