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Post by Khel @ 02:54pm 18/07/08 | 18 Comments
Well it looks like beta invites have started going out for Wrath of the Lich King and the NDA has been lifted so theres a ridiculous amount of new information coming out.

MMO Champion have a bunch of stuff up with some sample loot and lots of class info, with more to come.

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Posted 03:43pm 18/7/08
The changes to stat wording is a nice thing to see too - rolling spell damage & healing into spell power and also changing it so crit/hit/haste rating stats affect both melee & spells.

But... they removed Windwall! How ever shall I be protected against ranged attacks?

Bring on the Beta invite I say!
Posted 03:44pm 18/7/08
I'm still wondering if they will ever bring in some kind of threat meter. I know this has been hinted at in the past.
Posted 07:34pm 18/7/08
Just use Omen?
Posted 07:38pm 18/7/08
Just use Omen?

Is that a question?
Posted 07:46pm 18/7/08
Reverend Evil
Posted 07:51pm 18/7/08
S*** some of that stuff looks cool. Can't wait for this to get released.
Posted 10:22pm 18/7/08
pity mace stun only got given a 6 second internal cooldown... completely useless... it still stuns for 3 sec the first time.

but yer they're trying to take out the RNG but still need to fix it.
Posted 12:34am 19/7/08
This game makes me wanna kill myself

If I didn't have enough reasons before?

So I live a risky lifestyle, just to feel like I'm alive
Posted 02:37am 19/7/08
that was so emo.
Posted 02:56am 19/7/08
yeah, and I'm an "emo" cumt
Posted 03:06am 19/7/08
If you ever wanna meet me, and dis me, just PM me dude. :)

It's all good. I'm a really nice guy.
Posted 03:08am 19/7/08
you are all emo
Posted 03:09am 19/7/08
You can touch me
Posted 03:21am 19/7/08
Holy crap hunters are going to rock.

10% chance to get an extra, 60% damage free shot when using auto shot?
Execute like long range attack skill that does huge damage, specialy when under 20% hp?
5% extra damage to whatever group of mobs your tracking?
Being able to tame "exotic" pets? (previously untameable perhaps?)

Hell yeah
Posted 03:31am 19/7/08
do u wanna touch me?
Posted 03:33am 19/7/08
only if you touch me back
Le Infidel
Posted 03:52am 19/7/08
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