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Post by Dan @ 02:09pm 16/07/08 | 17 Comments
In addition to yesterday's official trailer and our own footage of the gameplay demonstration, Capcom have now released several hi-res gameplay clips from the hotly anticipated Resident Evil 5. Clips one and two feature some regular gameplay while three and four offer something a few more of you will be interested in - the promised coopertive multiplayer.

If that's not enough good news, Kotaku is reporting this tasty comment from Capcom Producer Jun Takeuchi
It's possible that a lot of people who play Resident Evil 5 may not have played Resident Evil 4. But they might have played Gears of Wars or Call of Duty. Those are both games that I and our team really, really like. So don't be surprised if at the Tokyo Game Show, the controls are different. For now, we have the control set up for RE4. I'm not confirming or denying anything, but we like to surprise people.
Promising possibilities for those that have been put off by Resident Evil's unorthadox control methods in the past.

Update: Added flash streaming links for the gameplay videos.

resident evil 5trailer

Latest Comments
sif greazy
Posted 02:27pm 16/7/08
Holy s*** coop this should be awesome.
Posted 03:26pm 16/7/08
Agreed cant wait !!!!
Posted 04:32pm 16/7/08
Jill Sandwich!
sif greazy
Posted 04:46pm 16/7/08
I'm positive Barry wanted Jill... IN THE SACK
Posted 05:36pm 16/7/08
looking forward to this massively after having recently played RE4 on the Wii, which was an absolutely fantastic game.
Posted 05:55pm 16/7/08
I never got into the RE series. I never understood what was so great about it. A few days ago I picked up RE4 for the PC and god DAMN is it fun. Yes its a crappy port but im using an xbox controller and man is this a fun, tense and hard game. I can't wait for #5 now
sif greazy
Posted 06:41pm 16/7/08
I don't know about other people but I loved the puzzles combined with survival horror/zombies. You should try to get your hands on the remake of RE1 on the GC.
Posted 06:55pm 16/7/08
i dont think its going to look that awesome on teh wii somehow

re4 was great fun though;
Posted 08:15pm 16/7/08
The RE series is more a 3rd person shooter like GOW than a survival horror these days.. i mean the only puzzles they left in re4 where quicktime button slapping avoiding falling boulders lol.
Posted 09:21pm 16/7/08
i dont think its going to look that awesome on teh wii somehow

Is RE5 even coming to the Wii? I have a 360 as well :)
sif greazy
Posted 10:12pm 16/7/08
Pretty sure its a 360/PS3 only.

I just realised spook has 22 thousand post. Why is he such an idiot?
Posted 10:20pm 16/7/08
RE1 was the bomb
Posted 11:25pm 16/7/08
looks pretty but gameply looks bleh. might have been because the person playing was s***.
Posted 10:24am 17/7/08
Yeah, why do they always seem to get people who are s*** at playing the game to show it off in gameplay demos?
Posted 10:42am 17/7/08
It looks awesome, but it doesn't look like they've changed it at all from RE4. RE4 was great and all, but it had problems that I would have thought they'd fix in this game, like not being able to move and shoot at the same time. I know all of the RE games have been like that, but since RE4, it's become much faster paced.
Posted 12:32pm 17/7/08
The head designer guy said in an interview that the controls are setup like RE4 at E3 because people are used to that, but not to expect it to stay that way and thats its going to change.
Posted 01:41pm 17/7/08
RE4 was great and all, but it had problems that I would have thought they'd fix in this game, like not being able to move and shoot at the same time

I don't think that's a problem - it made the game better in some ways due to tension. Always that decision about whether to stay put and keep shooting or to run and get a better vantage. The game was built around the fact you can't move and shoot and hence it was suitable.
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