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Post by Dan @ 03:45pm 14/07/08 | 14 Comments
With a new release window of 2009 for "major console platforms and PC" and a new subtitle, Codemasters has released some new media for Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising. Originally set for a 2004 release under Czech developer Bohemia Interactive, the sequel to the popular realism-centric Operation Flashpoint has been completely restarted and is now being forged in-house at Codies.

Today, they've released a new cinematic trailer and a set of 6 images referred to as "development target renders". A little odd but at least more honest than trying to pass them off as actual in-game screenshots.
The video reveals the sheer scale of Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Risings battlefield the 220km2 island of Skira, located off the eastern coast of Russia, north of Japan. This oil-rich Russian-controlled island stands on the brink of war. An airborne division of the Peoples Liberation Army of China (PLA) lands to claim the island as the sovereign possession of the Peoples Republic. Russia turns to the US for support aid and theyre quick to respond. Sending in the USS Iwo Jima, a battalion of US Marines launch an assault on the strung out but dug-in Chinese force. Can the situation be defused before this flashpoint turns white hot and an all-out global war between the superpowers erupts?
Check out the complete press release for all the details.

operation flashpoint 2trailerscreenshots

Latest Comments
Posted 05:13pm 14/7/08
Needs more gameplay trailer.

But hopefully it's as good as the first one, that game was tits.
Le Infidel
Posted 06:08pm 14/7/08
is this pc only or going to be bastardised for consoles (hopefully not)
Posted 06:09pm 14/7/08
the first one was the perfect example of a great idea ruined by the implementation.

cause it was s*** in everyway.
Posted 07:32pm 14/7/08
get f***ed, first one rocks.
Posted 07:51pm 14/7/08
not it wasn't.

it looked like anus, ran like anus and played like anus.

seriously, what was great about it?
Posted 07:53pm 14/7/08
wtf nf. the first one rocked. one of the best sp games ive played.
Posted 08:04pm 14/7/08
Yeah OFP was awesome.
Posted 08:19pm 14/7/08
wasnt OFP the game with almost everything as Sprite models, akak looked like poo.

Le Infidel
Posted 08:25pm 14/7/08
Posted 09:17pm 14/7/08
not it wasn't.

it looked like anus, ran like anus and played like anus.

seriously, what was great about it?

Coop over the net, custom missions, an awesome mission editor, realistic.

Seriously playing over the net was some of the best gaming evar
Posted 09:28pm 14/7/08
yeah everything was 2D cutouts and smudges for textures, felt like a slightly improved version of archipelagos but without a bicycle.

the game was also horribly buggy, but if you could handle the rest of the s*** i guess a few bugs wouldn't have mattered.
Posted 10:37pm 14/7/08
If that was realistic I'll be damned. Yanks might screw up, but they don't do stuff THAT badly...
Posted 01:19am 15/7/08
This isn't being done by the people who did the first one by the way.. The spiritual successor is ArmedAssault.
Posted 08:32am 15/7/08
@ pix of old OFP, qlty gfx, im sure from what i remember the gameplay @ lans was not too bad.
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