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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:06am 10/07/08 | 42 Comments
Another one has been forced to bite the proverbial dust as the OFLC has refused Bethesda's hotly anticipated post-apocalyptic action/RPG, Fallout 3, classification here in Australia.

Earlier this week we pointed out D3P's Dark Sector had finally been allowed a rating after having questionable sections of the game (by the OFLC's standard) removed. And unfortunately today we're here to tell you Fallout 3 may have its artistic vision and integrity torn asunder to sate the powers that be at the OFLC. This is just another blow to the Australian games industry where we're being forced to play unintended versions of many a great game here in Australia because of a lack of proper parental control and that ever elusive R18+ rating.

We've contacted Fallout 3's Aussie publisher, Red-Ant, to see what they have to say so stay tuned.

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Posted 11:11am 10/7/08
As pointed out in the existing thread, it's not the OFLC's fault, it's just that they can't give it a rating that the government doesn't allow.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:16am 10/7/08
ah, but they could help lobby and push for said reform, right
Posted 11:51am 10/7/08
Bit of a shame really.
Posted 12:20pm 10/7/08
Did they give any reasons why the OFLC wouldn't give it classification? (ie: due to nudity, violence, etc?)

Also, avatar is still broken Steve.
Posted 12:36pm 10/7/08
Excuse me if this has been suggested B4 and if it is already in play and if it is can you post the link

As Gamers on a gaming forum/website maybe we should take the power into our own hands and start a petition and have it submitted to the government so that we can get a R18+ rating for games .... Would Ausgamers consider hosting this?
Posted 12:42pm 10/7/08
As Beanith stated in another thread "No webform to make things easier but here are the details for b****ing at the AG - "

I already sent a email complaining about the OFLC and how its ruining our economy, thus they need to include a R18+ otherwise people will just download it or buy it overseas, really they are only hurting the local game sellers and the companies involved in promoting/developing the game.
Posted 12:45pm 10/7/08
the funniest thing is that there is more violence and nudity on TV and news and they worried about some animated game... pffft
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:46pm 10/7/08
Attempting avatar fix #1
Posted 01:16pm 10/7/08

Thanks m8 ... I'll be doing the same myself
Posted 01:20pm 10/7/08
oooh, an online petition!

that would rattle some cages
Posted 01:42pm 10/7/08
Did they give any reasons why the OFLC wouldn't give it classification? (ie: due to nudity, violence, etc?)

From Kotaku

The game contains the option to take a variety of "chems" using a device which is connected to the character's arm. Upon selection of the device a menu selection screen is displayed. Upon this screen is a list of "chems" that the player can take, by means of selection. These "chems" have positive effects and some negitave effects (lowering of intelligence, or the character may become addicted to the "chem"). The positive effects include increase in strength, stamina, resistance to damage, agility and hit points.

Corresponding with the list of various "chems" are small visual representation of the drugs, these include syringes, tablets, pill bottles, a crack-type pipe and blister packs. In the Board's view these realistic visual representations of drugs and their delivery method bring the "science-fiction" drugs in line with "real-world" drugs.

The report then states that "material promoting or encouraging proscribed drug use" is grounds enough to refuse classification. Furthermore, the use of morphine is highlighted, as well as its in-game effect: allowing the player to ignore damage.
sif greazy
Posted 02:08pm 10/7/08
The only way a 18+ rating would be introduced if the big gaming companies got together and started breathing down the governments neck, or something to that extent.
Posted 02:09pm 10/7/08
Jesus christ, next thing you know they will ban WoW because chugging mana pots is like hitting up the yardie at a 21st party.
Posted 03:00pm 10/7/08
^^ No, because they don't classify MMOs.
Posted 03:06pm 10/7/08
Fallout 2 had Psycho, a drug that was taken to boost speed and ignore damage and whatnot and was highly addictive, really expensive and had withdrawal symptoms. The item icon clearly was a syringe device and their was no mistaking that it was used by injecting.

It wasn't refused classification.
Posted 03:10pm 10/7/08
we had a chance to get an R category for games and instead the tards voted in a government who has a religiously conservative leader that is so far out of touch with real australia that he finds many things australians enjoy abhorrent, including art and our habbit of having a few too many drinks and occassionally ending up at a strip club.

an online petition will do nothing. The previous government's review of our rating system acknowledged the overwhelming support for R18+ category in the large petition they were sent and it did squat.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:24pm 10/7/08
doesn't that mean BioShock should have been in trouble for the same reason? alcohol and performance enhancing drugs injected via a syringe...
Posted 04:31pm 10/7/08
Steve, you're not supposed to be applying logic to government decisions.
Posted 04:36pm 10/7/08
finds many things australians enjoy abhorrent, including art

If you are referring to what I think you are... children naked isn't art. If you enjoy this you are a paedo.

Anyway as I said in the other thread... Get it on the interweb from overseas.
Posted 04:43pm 10/7/08
ctd is the ultimate authority on what is art and what isn't.
Posted 04:55pm 10/7/08
ctds post would look rather suspicous outside of this thread.
Posted 05:04pm 10/7/08
Play-Asia has the PC version listed at $60 and the PS3 at $65. Add on $5 postage ($20 if you want that sucker asap) and you still s*** over any offer that EB will make.

Or you can shell out full price for a censored version :)

The pirating issue should be more rampart too given its on the PC as well as the consoles.
Posted 05:02pm 10/7/08
Yeah, I think I'll be importing the ps3 version from play asia now.
Posted 05:11pm 10/7/08
I wonder how many people will get it imported or pirate it, instead of paying full price for a non fallout version? No $'s for EB will make EB cry.
Posted 05:14pm 10/7/08
Ugh, why does the PS3 version cost more than the 360 version? Aren't they exactly the same?
Posted 06:48pm 10/7/08
such a shame, i was going to give up crack to play fallout 3.

oh well, pass me that pipe please.
Posted 06:50pm 10/7/08
here you go
/hands over pipe
Posted 07:06pm 10/7/08
heeere torrent torrent torrent
Posted 08:51pm 10/7/08
Ugh, why does the PS3 version cost more than the 360 version? Aren't they exactly the same?
They aren't the same, different licensing, different medium, different sized market. Most of the time you pay what a retailer thinks they can get away with charging you and considering the price difference between a PS3 and a 360 you are probably lucky there is only a $5 difference between US versions.
Posted 08:53pm 10/7/08
If you are going to get it via torrent because of no R rating I question if you would have purchased it if wasn't refused classification or just torrented it anyway.

Importing it would do more to bring in an R rating via Australian game distributors realizing they are losing tasty Australian shores highly marked up $'s and helping put pressure on the Government.

I would think publishers and distributors would write off torrented copies as write offs regardless of other factors.
Posted 09:57pm 10/7/08
Most aus consumers are retards, and if your still buying games locally you are part of the problem (unless its heavily discounted when you do). Fallout could just be resubmitted minus half the game edited out and the vast majority of aus games buyers (ie console players) would be totally oblivious... ie just look at all the bogans in aus buying inferior pal ps3's at twice the price of usa/jap prices.
Posted 10:05pm 10/7/08
Interesting, Torrenting may end up being the only way to get Fallout 3 afterall.'s bought up a valid point from the OFLC's guidelines in relation to importation of things:

The Classification Board may advise that importation or exportation of items should not be allowed if they:
# in relation to a computer game are unsuitable for a person under 18 to see or play; or
# promote, incite or instruct in matters of crime or violence; or
# promote or incite the misuse of a drug specified in Schedule 4.

The rest of the article is here, but beyond the above it's just a re-hash of everything else we've seen on this topic already.
Posted 10:31pm 10/7/08
this doesnt suprise me really.

faultout 2 had to be altered, they made it so children wernt clickable thus not being able to blow them to pieces.

now that the franchise has moved to a console market and will be nodoubtedly be getting more press coverage the drug and sexual content alone would get it refused classification (thats if bethesda actually kept to there word and kept the adult themes as close to the originals as possible)

my plan is to buy the collectors edition overseas if possible - pip boy bobble head ftw.
Posted 08:40am 11/7/08
Play Asia here I come ... money in hand to get my copy
Posted 09:19am 11/7/08
They aren't the same, different licensing, different medium, different sized market.

Bulls***, they're the f*****g same as far as what you're getting is concerned, and the general consumer isn't going to know about or give a s*** how the licensing or market size differs. They're going to look at the games in stores and say "Well, all of the games are $5-$10 more on PS3, so why would I get that instead of a 360?" If Sony/the publishers aren't smart enough to figure that one out, then they've got little hope.
Posted 09:30am 11/7/08
Then those people will go, o the PS3 comes with a built in Blu-Ray player.
Posted 11:37pm 11/7/08
Isn't that what they already do? I've never seen "jet" or "mentat" available on the drugs market..

Having waited the 3rd iteration since 1998, I'm especially pissed off. It's very lucky I didn't pre-order it this year like I had wanted too.

And you're right, this will directly lead to moding the X360, which will increase the chances of pirating fallout.

The following are petitions
Posted 09:17am 12/7/08
"Well, all of the games are $5-$10 more on PS3, so why would I get that instead of a 360?"

The massive price difference in the consoles themselves might just be a bigger factor.
Posted 01:16pm 12/7/08
It would certainly suck if you intend to play the game on a 360 if Fallout 3 is region locked.
For PC users though, importing is the way to go.

I asked EB if you pre-order the game and it was refused classification would you be able to get your money back, they said Yes you would.

Is it technically illegal to import a game that is refused classification in Australia?
Posted 01:32pm 12/7/08
Unless you're getting free swag, why bother preordering anyway? The game is not going to sell out.
Posted 08:13am 12/8/08

Yay, now we can buy fallout 3 in Australia... or better yet, buy it from Play-Asia and save $50 and get the un-censored version to boot (they even have the collectors edition so you can still have your bobble head fallout boy).
Posted 12:31pm 12/8/08
Ok so what this means is all Australians who want the game are going to pirate it so they arnt left with a limping copy of a wonderful game.
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