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Post by trog @ 12:07pm 09/07/08 | 27 Comments
The Google Blog has announced the launch of Lively, a new 3d addition to the web that allows you to create a virtual room, customise it, and chat to people in it - like a 3d IRC sort of thing, by the looks. The environments can be embedded in a web page, although it looks like the software you need is Windows-only at the moment. Check out the official site for more information - their demo video is embedded in the comments here.


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Posted 12:07pm 09/7/08
Posted 12:13pm 09/7/08
* Jim slaps trog around with a large trout
Posted 12:28pm 09/7/08
Seems a bit buggy, at least at the moment. Just joined a room to check it out, left and tried another one, now its not letting me get past the nick selection panel, telling me I've already selected a nick - but it keeps forcing me to try and select one, so now I can't log in anywhere.

edit: their forums seem to say this is a common problem

last edited by trog at 12:28:24 09/Jul/08
Posted 12:44pm 09/7/08
wtf google. lame-o
Posted 12:47pm 09/7/08
this seems even lamer than usual irc, which is pretty lame
Posted 12:52pm 09/7/08
What a completly stupid idea.
Posted 12:57pm 09/7/08
it looks like it has better art than second life though, more mii-like. i guess they are going for some of that second life advertising dollar, and hype. hope its more functional and sensible than second life though.
Posted 12:57pm 09/7/08
it's the late 90s flirtation with VRML all over again

Posted 01:01pm 09/7/08
is this an example of what our kids are going to find really cool but we find un-necessary? whats the point of being able to see an animated char speak the words you type? irc or any other chat prog does the job fine, why goto all that trouble to add 3d to it unless you get benefit (such as being able to bring in 3d models to demo to people - perhaps to use a front end to show people the kitchen you designed for them or something)
Posted 01:07pm 09/7/08
This will be crushed like it should when The Sims 3 and HOME are released.
Posted 01:10pm 09/7/08
this is what happens when you let your employees work on whatever they like
Posted 01:11pm 09/7/08
looks like this s***

but gayer
Posted 01:33pm 09/7/08
This will be crushed like it should when The Sims 3 and HOME are released.

Yeah, because there are so many more people with PS3s than there are PCs.
Posted 01:42pm 09/7/08
anyone else remember comic chat when it first came out ?
Posted 02:14pm 09/7/08
Thing is with HOME is it has a deeper reason for existence primarily for linking gamers together to port into a game of choice and work together to complete the round or even use HOME to plan how they are going to tackle the round in game before entering (creating game plans) now while there is allot more reasons for the existence of HOME its defiantly got more of a purpose then IMVU and Lively etc well there is no end goal bar socialization, chit chat and just a crap load of annoying teens.
Posted 02:16pm 09/7/08
^^ Holy s***, learn to punctuate.
Posted 02:23pm 09/7/08
You even quoted me saying The Sims 3

I assume there will be some sort of online mode...

last edited by Lynx at 14:23:28 09/Jul/08
Posted 02:35pm 09/7/08
na no need when i speak I don't breathe :P
Posted 02:38pm 09/7/08
i lol in the face of home(osexual) fanboys.
Posted 02:43pm 09/7/08
haha stinky, I had completely forgotten about comic chat
Posted 04:57pm 09/7/08
you know you're old when you remember comic chat.

you know you're really old when you've forgotten comic chat.
Posted 06:58pm 09/7/08
And you know that you're even older if you remember the palace and active worlds.

edit: wtf, i just did a search and active worlds still exist and pumped out their last update june 2008.

last edited by Fish at 18:58:38 09/Jul/08
Posted 12:13am 10/7/08
Hrmmm i guess not every idea google pump out works...this one looks like dying on its ass.

I rather them try 1000 ideas and get 2-3 solid hits though. Cmon google release an auction site already.
Le Infidel
Posted 02:22am 10/7/08
I think a google beer would work. 100% alcohol.
Posted 07:00am 10/7/08
Hmm, I can see a market for this. Asides from the people who already use similar products (ie second life and imvu, which have already been mentioned) a lot of people who play online games spend more time socializing than actually playing. I think eventually many of those people could be persuaded to move to such a platform for chat purposes.
Posted 08:18pm 10/7/08
Second life is more of a amateur programming venture.
Posted 10:38pm 10/7/08
is this worth testing out even for novelity purposes
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