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Post by Dan @ 08:29am 02/07/08 | 10 Comments
While there has yet to be an official press release from Xbox Australia, the Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that the rumored Xbox 360 price drop is a reality, citing confirmations from Xbox and retailer EBGames. The new price of the Arcade pack is perhaps the most significant as it brings the Xbox 360 below the rrp of the Nintendo Wii ($399), making it the most affordable of the three current-gen consoles.
  • The staple Xbox 360 Pro package that bundles a 20GB hard drive, headset and high-def cabling is now marked at $499 (down from $579).
  • The black Xbox 360 Elite model that packs a 120GB HDD and HDMI cabling now goes for $649 (down from $729).
  • And the hard drive-less Xbox 360 Arcade pack (previously known as 'Core' but now with HDMI port and wireless controller) dips to the lowest now at $349 (down from $399).
Additionally, some retailers are dipping even further with limited time sales. Big W letting the Arcade pack go for the low $279 and K-Mart offloading Xbox 360 Pro packs for only $449.

Interestingly, despite the comments in the SMH article, EBGames website and current sales catalogue don't yet promote the new prices. Needless to say, if you plan on buying an Xbox 360 in the next few days, make sure you don't pay more than the new RRPs.

Update: Microsoft have now sent out an official press release confirming the above.

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Posted 08:56am 02/7/08
Kmart are advertising the Pro pack (with the 20gb HDD) for $449 in their latest catalogue.
Posted 09:22am 02/7/08
Ta for the reminder, updated the OP.
Posted 09:51am 02/7/08

From SMH

The Xbox 360 is now the cheapest non-handheld games console on the market after Microsoft slashed the price of the entry level Arcade model to $349.

Some retailers, such as Big W, have slashed prices even further than Microsoft's official adjustment, selling the Xbox 360 Arcade for $279 for a limited time.
Posted 09:59am 02/7/08
The Xbox 360 is now the cheapest non-handheld games console on the market after Microsoft slashed the price of the entry level Arcade model to $349.
Not really true while the PS2 is still being manufactured. Still significant that it's cheaper than the Wii though.
Posted 10:38am 02/7/08
It may be the cheapest, Now the price truly reflects the quality of the hardware ... before anyone flames me for saying that I am referring to the poor quality build microcrap has done giving you guys so many red rings of death due to over heating etc
Posted 10:53am 02/7/08
This is somewhat interesting / annoying:


"I would advise customers to stay clear from 360 Arcade consoles at the moment as the ones shipping into stores are actually refurbished models with NO HDMI output. If in doubt, check to see if the machine itself has the port and the manufacture dates on the console (not the box as they are being re-stickered and can be different to what's inside)."
Posted 06:16pm 02/7/08
Man I whish I could trade in my Xbox 360 Pro bundle so I could get a xbox 360 pro with HDMI support, sucks using component.
Posted 06:47pm 02/7/08
EB not the best price..... gee big surprise there.....

The day GTA4 came out. EB, $120. BigW, $80. I had to argue with my local EB just to get them to price match. Fortunately, they didnt have a concrete definition of what 'local' meant in their price matching policy in regards to local retail competitors...... Big W not local my ass
Posted 06:50pm 02/7/08
That's quite cheap.
I still think consoles are for rejects though.
Posted 07:22pm 02/7/08
xbox 360 arcade pack at BigW now $278
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