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Post by trog @ 09:52am 26/06/08 | 23 Comments
In a press release issued today at a Games for Windows event, Microsoft show they're still pretty happy with how PC gaming is represented:
"The big picture of the PC gaming market is unparalleled growth," said Kevin Unangst, senior global director of Windows gaming in the Entertainment and Devices division at Microsoft. "By all accounts, Windows continues to lead the gaming industry worldwide in both users and total revenue, and DFC Intelligence expects the PC gaming market to grow by a staggering 73 percent from 2007 to 2013. Compelling online experiences, industry-leading graphics, high-quality games and innovative hardware are driving that growth, and we're proud to partner with other leaders and showcase the best of Windows gaming at this event."
The press release goes on to mention some of the big titles that are coming out in the near future for the PC, including Bionic Commando, Call of Duty: World at War and Sid Meier's Civilization 4: Colonization as examples of what is to come.

microsoftgames for windows

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Posted 11:45am 26/6/08
Your topic is riddled with bad grammar/mistakes, change it, or else otherwise I will be FORCED TO DESTROY YOUR THREAD WITH FLAMES FROM AFAR!
Posted 04:41pm 26/6/08
Using only your mind???
Posted 05:09pm 26/6/08
PC's will always be my favorite way to play games. Nothing beats a keyboard and mouse for all your killing needs.
Posted 05:14pm 26/6/08
Nothing beats a keyboard and mouse for all your killing needs.

Sure, if you play nothing but FPS.
Posted 05:14pm 26/6/08
keyboard & mouse > control.

end of story!

FPS shooters are just stupid without a mouse, and the 'helpful' targeting systems in alot of games are just cheating/removing the skill.

Yes I went there.
Posted 05:34pm 26/6/08
Your topic is riddled with bad grammar/mistakes, change it, or else otherwise I will be FORCED TO DESTROY YOUR THREAD WITH FLAMES FROM AFAR!

Your post is marred by a tautology, change it, or else I will be FORCED TO... eh you get the point.
Posted 06:14pm 26/6/08
Don't forget the modding community.
sif greazy
Posted 09:56pm 26/6/08
If PC gaming is going so strong why did you release Halo 2&3 exclusively on xbox360?
Posted 10:08pm 26/6/08
because they keep the s*** games with the s*** systems.
Posted 10:12pm 26/6/08
Because the Halo series is a poor excuse for an FPS title...sure on consoles its great, but what else do they have? Personally I don't think it really stands up to most of the FPS titles on PC.
Posted 10:21pm 26/6/08

Console users are the new Mac users

sif greazy
Posted 10:22pm 26/6/08
Lame excuses, Microsoft is just a big fat hypocrite.
Posted 10:25pm 26/6/08
I've played worse fps on pcs in my time.

console makers know that seasoned gamers over the age of 30 think they're crap... but guys like me aren't the market they're going for.

we can try and help younger gamers all we want but we can't get to enough of them to make a difference. computer games are crap... they make their money feeding s*** games to kiddies who love it, then hate it, then want better games.

hell, I did.

and what's wrong with that.

maybe it's time to stop playing kids games?

or make/write one you think people like you will play?

last edited by koopz at 22:25:29 26/Jun/08
Posted 10:41pm 26/6/08
Look at great games which were first on PC then ported to console

DOOM - First FPS, ok 2D Sprites but first true shooter made by John Carmack and 'The Romero in 1993 > 1994. We will just say first vector shooter.

Red Faction - although it was on console it was still developed for the PC. First shooter to use geomod techonology to destroy parts of the level.

Quake/Quake 3 - First game developed speciifcally for the PC to have advanced forms of mod-ability and competative-style gameplay.

Modding game engines may have sort of first started with DOOM but where did it first happen? On the Personal Computer... Why? Cause the tools / SDK / programming was developed on the Personal Computer.

There may have been a Linux development kit developed for the Playstation 2 but Linux was in the PC first.

You could of gone to the "Game On" exhibition here in Melbourne (http://www.acmi.net.au/game_on.aspx) and learned all this stuff.

Plug and play was first developed on the PC it was not developed on the console.

The modern XBOX 360 (Yes that lovely Microsoft fault box) is in fact a cut down version of the Personal Computer. The only difference is it uses lower quality parts and all most now these days does everything a personal computer can do.

How about RPGs? Ultima...? Personal Computer.

How about arcade games.

Digger... Personal Computer. Sure pac man may have come first but arcades were just cut down ATARI consoles. You could open them up and they would still be using a floppy disk.

So in many ways it all stems from the personal computer in some way or another.

As for Halo. Before Bungee did Halo they did Oni. Once again. Personal Computer.

The console is just in laymens terms a computer that automates everything for you.

The only difference between the console and the PC is the PC is more configurable. The console requires special mod chips, software, USB key, patching, opening the thing up and configuring it by some asian guy. PC you can build for the same price as a console maybe even cheaper.

You don't need lash out on over 1200 AUD just for a good gaming computer. If you know the right people.

A lot of console people might be shocked to know that the first console was in fact a computer. Commodore and Atari back in the day were technically computers with a small operating system.

The only reason Playstation and XBOX360 have so many games is that they have a what is called a development kit. For the development kit for XBOX 360 please see here (http://www.xnadevelopment.com/)

If the reason the PC doesn't have so many games is that your writing the development engine / environment from the ground up. But then again the PC gaming industry not having a development kit is good is because when we get an engine developed for the personal computer. Its a one of a kind. Where as on console, they can port out 100 or so titles in the one thing.

I just find it funny how people always go "WOW Halo was revolutionary!" or "WOW Gears of War was revolutionary!" well... "Half Life was revolutionary cause it took a modified Quake Engine and turned it into something different" and "DOOM was revolutionary because if you didn't have the DOOM engine you wouldn't have all the first of the first person shooters."

Funny ani't it?
Posted 11:29pm 26/6/08

and this one is to all the console fans out there.
Posted 11:52pm 26/6/08
woah kimbo has scores the longest thread of fail.

yes, consoles are computers, well done. yes, it is hard to code a mod with a game pad.

but dude, everyone knows consoles are computers designed to play games. not coding games. not sending email. not writing university assignments.

P L A Y I N G G A M E S.

sure you can do a lot more on a pc. suuure. but, level playing field, unified specs, unified control scheme, racers, fighters, flight sims, rpgs, puzzlers, all good on the console and even * gasp * fps are allllll good on the console.

i can start a fire with my toaster, but i'd rather just make toast.

ps drunk posting on the internet ftmfw.

edit also, everyone updates thier s*** at the same time. every seven years you fork out $600 for a new machine that satisfies gamign needs rather than forking out $300 every 6 months for a new video card. OH YES I WENT THERE OMGZ.

last edited by d0mino at 23:52:49 26/Jun/08
Posted 11:55pm 26/6/08
omg i think i got trolled i am going to bed
Posted 12:19am 27/6/08
lol console controllers fps. etc
Posted 12:43am 27/6/08
hahah kimbo thats awesome
sif greazy
Posted 01:05am 27/6/08
Great going derailing the thread f*****s. It's clear that Microsoft doesn't think highly of PC gaming or they would have released something for PC.

Hay guys we are really happy with PC gaming at the moment, check out these top titles that are coming out later this year! OH YEAH! we need none of them!
Posted 01:16am 27/6/08
As for the way of the future?

1. It will stay as it is.
2. It will be merged and your console box will merge with your personal computer into a something that's across between a lounge room PC and a gaming machine.

That is, of course if it isn't happening already. They already have XBOX360 touted as a multimedia entertainment unit in some ways. Same with the PS3 playing Blu Ray movies.

It just needs a kick in the right direction and something along the lines of a Linux style tool kit / operating system / configurable technically but also easy to use once it does that, off you go.

Hell, there is already media PCs for the lounge room. Eventually the Personal Computer evolution might go from developmental platform to lounge room development platform. Only time will tell.
Posted 01:36am 27/6/08
im pretty stoked with cod5 and the new civ4 expack tbh. BRING IT ON!!!
Posted 02:50am 27/6/08
"Half Life was revolutionary cause it took a modified Quake Engine and turned it into something different"

This example sounds a whole lot more evolutionary to me.
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