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Post by trog @ 09:35am 25/06/08 | 3 Comments
APCMag are reporting that Australian users can now buy TV shows from iTunes. A quick glance at the iTunes Store off my PC shows a stack of shows now available for purchase, including Lost, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, South Park and Scrubs.

Most of the shows look like they retail for around AU$2.99, and you can buy seasons for a slight discount depending on the number of shows (eg, Grey's Anatomy is $50.83 for 17 episodes and Lost is $41.86 for 14). Don't forget to add in the costs of DRM (you can't copy these files freely or burn to DVD) and the cost of downloading them though.


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Posted 09:37am 25/6/08
Posted 10:03am 25/6/08
meh it would be better to just go out and buy the dvd's. probably ends up costing the same.
Posted 12:17pm 25/6/08
Hmmmm , let me say Torrents FTW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In most cases its free , fast and a never ending plethora of choices :)
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