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Post by trog @ 12:21pm 24/06/08 | 11 Comments
Pandemic Studios have released a trailer showing off the first glimpse of their upcoming Lord of the Rings title, Conquest. There's not a lot of details available on the official site, but here's a snippet from the forums:
Lord of the Rings Conquest is basically the Fantasy Star Wars Battlefront. Like Star Wars Battlefront, Lord of the Rings: Conquest lets you re-create famous battles from the books and movies, so you get, in essence, all of the battles that you watched and read from the movies and books.
Watch the trailer now to check it out! Thanks stinky for the original post (which I accidentally overwrote).

lord of the rings

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Posted 12:22pm 24/6/08
is the first LOTR license that allows you to be the bad guy

uh have you played battle for middle earth 1 and 2?
Posted 12:24pm 24/6/08
sorry an extra comma made that read wrong. should read better now.
Posted 12:28pm 24/6/08
that looks awsome.
Posted 12:33pm 24/6/08
Edited the OP to take out claims that I can't back up without saying too much and getting into trouble.
Posted 12:33pm 24/6/08
looks alright but i've never played any of the other lotr games
Posted 12:38pm 24/6/08
^^wtf i this tf2 sig s***?
Posted 12:44pm 24/6/08
a sig? with tf2 in it?
Posted 01:09pm 24/6/08

edit: sorry stinky, instead of locking your thread with a helpful redirect I accidentally overwrote your post with my news post because of a stupid CMS bug. Sorry dude!@#

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Posted 01:09pm 24/6/08
The end part with legolols sliding down the tusk seemed kinda cheesey :P
Posted 01:19pm 24/6/08
damn, that was my best ever post, and now it's gone forever :(
Posted 12:24am 25/6/08
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