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Post by trog @ 09:55am 24/06/08 | 21 Comments
EA and DICE have announced that Battlefield 2 has hit the grand old age of three years and is still going strong as one of the most popular online games. Even better, a new update is on the way:
With over 15 million player accounts being created since release, Battlefield 2 is still going strong. On the forums we often see discussions about whether there will ever be another update for the game. Well, today we are happy to announce that we are working on an update for Battlefield 2. We are planning to provide an open beta in the near future and we hope youll give us your feedback before final release; so watch out for that.
Great to see long term commitment from EA on a title. There's quite a few outstanding problems and bugs, so this patch is no doubt hugely anticipated by players (and I can guarantee the server administrators and clamouring for it as well).

battlefield 2

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Posted 11:57am 24/6/08
Oh yeh, we're going to be doing a BF2 competition soon, revolving around highest ranked AusGamers members. So if you have skillz get ahead of the game and sign up your BF2 username now.

edit: SAD FACE:

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Posted 12:22pm 24/6/08
Cool stuff, Good luck trog, rank 14!
Posted 12:35pm 24/6/08
i would be teh winnah if i didnt stop playing 2.5 years ago.
Posted 12:46pm 24/6/08
i would be teh winnah if i didnt stop playing 2.5 years ago

I just checked my stats. I havent logged in since 17/9/07 (not as long as I thought) but I'd still be 7th on that list.

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Posted 12:48pm 24/6/08
78000 kills?
Posted 12:59pm 24/6/08
Put more weight on K/D ratio!
I'd do all right then.

K/D Ratio 1.8114

Total & Streak 10,776 / 37
Per Minute 0.618
Per Round 8.621

Total & Streak 5,949 / 12
Per Minute 0.341
Per Round 4.759

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Posted 02:17pm 24/6/08
If you want to see where you rank:

1) Put your BF2 nick into your account options

2) go to and search for your nick in the LHS search box

3) go back out to the leaderboard and your name should be there
Posted 02:33pm 24/6/08
people played this game seriously?

I was pro as

imo tf2 knockout comp next. 6v6 or something.
Posted 09:58pm 24/6/08
3rd place for suicides. s*** i'm awesome.
Posted 10:05pm 24/6/08
lol started playing again after hearing this :)
Posted 11:35pm 24/6/08
Posted 08:33pm 25/6/08
Awesome :) i win on suicides 903 WOOT!! lol
Posted 08:35pm 25/6/08
weak, I am still last
Posted 09:12pm 25/6/08
yeah... number 6
Posted 09:29pm 25/6/08
pfft this game is over

got runner up in the initial $35k tourny for this, and that was enough of this game.
Posted 09:41pm 25/6/08
Awesome :) i win on suicides 903 WOOT!! lol

when I started playing inf-only this became a neccesary.

with no vehicles, suiciding and respawning further up the road can give an advantage over the unsuspecting enemy. it was annoying seeing team mates waste a minute or two slogging it from one end of the map to another when they could have been there in mere seconds.

damn statswhores :P
Posted 10:40pm 25/6/08
i would be teh winnah if i didnt stop playing 2.5 years ago
Posted 07:49am 26/6/08
Put us in the leaderboard trog top 300 in Australia last I checked
Posted 08:56am 26/6/08
put yourself in
Posted 10:55pm 26/6/08
seems that your nickID disappears upon saving you details
Posted 05:46pm 27/6/08
I can't play this game anymore.. though the commander aspect seriously rocked (sucked in public servers though). it'd be good to see the commander role pop up in more games in the future

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