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Post by trog @ 11:49am 21/06/08 | 24 Comments
Just a quick reminder that it's a free weekend for Team Fortress 2 this weekend - meaning you can play the full game for a couple of days. From what I can tell there's only a few people on the planet that haven't already bought this game (I think it's these guys), but if you happen to haven't checked it out, just grab the Steam client and jump online.

team fortress 2

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Posted 12:22pm 21/6/08
Haha I Trogiggled
Posted 01:33pm 21/6/08
i haven't bought it
Posted 01:35pm 21/6/08
That article about the tribes people is pretty amazing.
Posted 01:45pm 21/6/08
They dream about it at night they just don't know it exists yet :p

Posted 01:49pm 21/6/08
i haven't bought it
I know you're a big COD4 fan, but have you actually sat down and played TF2? Or are you just being stubborn?

It's just so leet, I can't understand why everyone doesn't play it.. and at $19.95 it's absolutely criminal.
Posted 02:36pm 21/6/08
its worth the money
Posted 05:14pm 21/6/08
Unlike chubs mum.
Posted 05:16pm 21/6/08
Free Weekends are the best idea ever, I downloaded the game at the last free weekend and ended up buying it and have since got 3 mates to get it as well.

Beats trials having the full game available :)
Posted 08:14pm 21/6/08
funny you should bring that lost tribe thing up, I read an article today which claimed that the tribe have been known since 1901 and monitored since that time. Also mentioned something about them being agrarian, farming the usual south American s***, maize etc.
Posted 12:17am 22/6/08
so i unlocked all the pyro s*** just before, good fun.. Love the flair gun haha.

Time to work on medic, only got like 9 achievements with him haha.
sif greazy
Posted 12:44am 22/6/08
Does anyone know if its possible to copy the files from one computer to another to play this? Of course using a different cd key.

In other words, download it once and share the files on more than one computer.
Le Infidel
Posted 12:55am 22/6/08
yes you can create a backup
Posted 01:19pm 23/6/08
Yeah a backup should work, once you login with your new account any necessary files should be updated automatically.

@ $ack - good stuff, the more the merrier, it's an awesome game and I look forward to killing you in it.
Posted 01:33pm 23/6/08
i must admit those video's like meet the sniper etc are quite good and make me want to play it but i just haven't been assed tbh, i took advantage of the EB sales at the moment and picked up a couple of the DOW expansions so i'm playing those at the moment
Posted 07:16pm 23/6/08
Get it paveway, you won't regret it.

In other news, frakture popped his 100 medic cherry before latching onto my demo.

The ownage was massive.
Posted 07:21pm 23/6/08
F*** that game was rape.
Posted 04:24pm 24/6/08
nice clanstack~
Posted 05:06pm 24/6/08
so i download steam client and then register etc and then it downloads TF2 ?
Posted 05:10pm 24/6/08
right after you purchase, yup

so convenient!
Posted 05:36pm 24/6/08
purchase? wheres the free weeekend part come in - can the download be gamearena free to? or does it have to go thru steam -_-
Posted 05:39pm 24/6/08
The free weekend part came in about 5 days ago and finished about 2 days ago. It is only $US19.95 off steam for the full game. Easily the best 20 bucks you can spend.
Posted 05:41pm 24/6/08
oh damn, i was thinkin of buyin it before i saw this thread anyway

Posted 06:21pm 24/6/08
steam downloads come through gamearena in australia afaik, they are the local mirror.
Posted 06:58pm 24/6/08
sometimes you get them through internode if you dont block their servers.
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