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Post by Dan @ 08:49am 18/06/08 | 34 Comments
As promised, Valve have released the latest addition to their series of meet the Team Fortress 2 characters trailers. Meet the Sniper:
In his former life as a tracker of dangerous game in the unforgiving Australian outback, the Sniper would spend months by himself. Prolonged isolation taught him a valuable lesson: You don't have to rely on other people if you never miss.
For an Aussie he seems to have a pretty terrible British accent. Check it out right here on AusGamers.

team fortress 2trailer

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Posted 08:59am 18/6/08
yeh the accent is terrible
Posted 09:09am 18/6/08
What's this I spy at 1:15 in? New Pyro unlock?
Posted 09:40am 18/6/08
Since the game is largely a parody on various themes, the use of accent here feels like a poke at the frequent miscasting of Australians with British sounding voices. Though, I wonder how many outside Australia and the UK get the joke? ;)
Posted 09:56am 18/6/08
yeh the accent is terrible

I think it's safe to say that it's intentional.

And who the hell cares, I think it's probably the best one of these videos yet. Every time they release a new 'Meet the' video, I'm reminded even more about how desperately I want to be an animator for Valve.
Posted 10:21am 18/6/08
Haha, that is badass as :)

New Pyro weapon looks sweet... some sort of napalm or flare or something... I'm sure it will be a long (longer) range fire based gun.

Posted 10:22am 18/6/08
I think it's safe to say that it's intentional.
Given that at least one of the lead developers of TF2 is Australian, I'd say so. Another awesome video!
Posted 10:36am 18/6/08
Pretty sure that robin walker guy is aussie and would've noticed the accent if it wasn't intentional.

Wonder what that blue handcannon is?

Edit: also the bobblehead figurine looks suspiciously like the VIP character from TFC Hunted.

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Posted 10:44am 18/6/08
Lol at the piss jars.
Posted 11:07am 18/6/08
some people are saying the last unlock is a jetpack :/
Posted 11:11am 18/6/08

some people are saying the last unlock is a jetpack

That would be awesome as long as it was controlled. Less flying around the map, more launching right into the middle of a fire fight.
Posted 11:12am 18/6/08
if there is a jetpack it will probably use up flamethrower fuel
Posted 11:19am 18/6/08
jet pack would be pretty left field, i doubt they would do something that changes the gameplay that drastically... all the med unlocks were modified weapons.

so you have the axtinguisher - axe
the flare gun - shotgun
? - flamethrower
Posted 11:28am 18/6/08
I doubt it would be a jet pack. Like Azeroth in wow, if you reach places you weren't meant to go, most maps look pretty messy.
sif greazy
Posted 12:13pm 18/6/08
That was hilarious I have to get TF2. There's a QGL clan or something along those lines right?

edit: the jars that slowly fill up with yellow liquid are his piss right?

last edited by sif greazy at 12:13:19 18/Jun/08
Posted 11:57am 18/6/08
was that a new level you see briefly too? or is it just some made up set for the video?
Posted 12:14pm 18/6/08
Well, they've used playable maps for all of the other videos, so I reckon it's likely to be a playable map too.
Posted 01:32pm 18/6/08
that was the best one yet, great stuff :)
Posted 04:25pm 18/6/08
pyro list leaked

Actually forget that. It just has the icons and the list, not the requirements or weapons

last edited by ctd at 16:25:05 18/Jun/08
Posted 04:36pm 18/6/08
hahaha i love these "meet the..." videos so funny. how many more do they have to go still?
Posted 04:43pm 18/6/08
Pyro, spy and medic.
Posted 04:45pm 18/6/08
spy will b the best imo
Posted 04:57pm 18/6/08
Yeah, I reckon spy has the most potential.
Posted 04:59pm 18/6/08
Posted 05:15pm 18/6/08
I'm looking forward to the pryo one. The muffled voice.
Posted 05:31pm 18/6/08
i wish they would bring in some hunted vip games like the first tf. they were sweet as. i guess ubering really makes it tough tho.
Posted 05:51pm 18/6/08
edit: the jars that slowly fill up with yellow liquid are his piss right?
most likely.
Posted 06:31pm 18/6/08
speaking of weapons in trailers, has anyone noticed that the demo in the teaser trailer and GC trailer had a dynamite cluster weapon? wonder what happened to that.
Posted 07:10pm 18/6/08

I'm really surprised they picked those maps as the best of the community offerings.
Posted 07:11pm 18/6/08
yeah they look pretty s***
sif greazy
Posted 07:28pm 18/6/08
maybe they're the most played player-made maps?
Posted 07:44pm 18/6/08
Accent sounds more like "African English" (i.e. Zimbabwe or S. Africa) than Australian to me. Unless they've said specifically that he's meant to be Australian that's what I'd go with.
Posted 08:32pm 18/6/08
Meh, it was OK. I found Meet the Engineer to be way better.
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