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Post by trog @ 09:35am 17/06/08 | 14 Comments
Valve have confirmed the Pyro update for Team Fortress 2 is coming at the end of the week:
The main event of the week is the Pyro Update, which will be made available this Thursday and contains three unlockable new weapons for the Pyro plus 35 new achievements. In addition, two user-created maps are included to highlight the great work being done in the community and distribute those works to all TF2 players..
Further, the "Meet the Sniper" video will be out soon, and there's another TF2 free weekend planned this weekend to give more people a chance to play the game.

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Posted 09:48am 17/6/08
Anyone know what maps are included? Hopefully cp_steel gets a run, best custom map imo. Maybe pl_dustbowl as well.

It is a good idea to add good custom maps to the official list because most people have a reluctance to play custom maps in any game.
Posted 09:49am 17/6/08
im guessing the maps will be cp_steel and pl_dustbowl.

Posted 09:50am 17/6/08
I've asked Valve to see if they can confirm what maps; will update if they reply.
Posted 10:02am 17/6/08
Well word on the street (comments page on shacknews) is that at least one of these maps are being added (probably redstone) - http://3decade.com/
Posted 10:09am 17/6/08
YEAHHHH! Can't wait for the pyro buff, I don't really care about the unlockables just make his flame better. Better hit detection, more damage and more burn.

cp_steel would be perfect!

pl_dustbowl can FOAD, changing gamemodes on official maps is failure, just like ctf_well which is the biggest piece of s*** ever created.

Posted 10:11am 17/6/08
i enjoy ctf_well more than cp_well
Posted 10:12am 17/6/08
I was playing med last night and buddying up with a pyro, and we were doing some serious damage. uber on and a good run we cleared out the enemy team very easily, i hope they don't over power the pyro, especially if the servers will be full of them...
Posted 03:02pm 17/6/08
awesome.. i luv the pyro enough as he is.. now i will just roast harder w00t

still loving tf2 as much as ever, especially after last nights qgl ladder match... doing an epic intel dash as spy and seeing the rest of the qgl boys smashing an exit path for me. superleet.
Posted 03:14pm 17/6/08
The maker of cp_steel made a comment on SA that he had not been contacted by valve, which guarantees that it wont be one of them; which is kind of retarded since redstone is an ugly out of proportion piece of symmetrical s*** with no real effort towards interesting geometry.

Looking forward to meet the sniper though. Apparently 11AM PST is the release time.
Posted 03:30pm 17/6/08
ctf_well which is the biggest piece of s*** ever created.

I would have to agree with this.

Big map + no close primary target (e.g. no "next capture point") for your team to focus on together with a wave of attack = players spread all around the map without much team-work happening. I find it just becomes a scout-run match with all of the other classes piss-farting around not contributing much at all or doing anything useful.

Worst map ever. cp_well is fine because of the wave upon waves of attacks at the contested points, as opposed to random skirmishes spread across the map without direction.

I'm sure some elitist wants to say "this doesn't happen with pro clan matches", but I don't give a s***.

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Posted 03:29pm 17/6/08
shacknews confirmed redstone (boring) is one of them.
Posted 03:32pm 17/6/08
Have they said what buffs the pyro is getting and what the new unlockables/achievments are?
Posted 03:33pm 17/6/08
there goes my fun as spy for the next few weeks =(
Posted 03:48pm 17/6/08
Have they said what buffs the pyro is getting and what the new unlockables/achievments are?

the only one we know about atm is the axtinguisher
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