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Post by trog @ 01:59pm 06/06/08 | 30 Comments
In what was probably the only way to actually get people to watch it, the first episode of the Jace Hall Show purports to have the first look at gameplay of Duke Nukem Forever. You can watch it here, but if you're like me and don't care about anything else in it you can just fast forward to about 4:10 in.

I guess this constitutes proof of life, but as always there's still no sign of a release date.

duke nukem forever

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Posted 02:02pm 06/6/08
video failed in both IE and FF here, is it this one trog?

Posted 02:06pm 06/6/08
teq failed. wrong vid.

trogs link worked fine for me in ff.

it actually looked pretty good. shrink+splat w00t!
Posted 02:07pm 06/6/08
damnit, I cant even open it on the desktop here
I wanna see
Posted 02:14pm 06/6/08
tried 4 browsers, no love at all
Posted 02:16pm 06/6/08
I couldn't watch it from work off of the crackle website. I did however find this out take that just has the shaky cam footage.

edit: *sigh* unfortunately, it looks like they have removed their stream :(

last edited by Whiplash at 14:16:08 06/Jun/08
Posted 02:16pm 06/6/08
worked fine

man it would want to be the best game ever for 12+ years of work

i blame wow for it taking this long
Posted 02:19pm 06/6/08
Workin for me, new FF and Flash 9
Posted 02:21pm 06/6/08
you can still download it from whiplashs' link
Posted 02:21pm 06/6/08
video failed in both IE and FF here, is it this one trog?
No, that is ye olde. Vid worked fine for me in FF2, so not sure why people are having probs - maybe it is getting smashed or something.
Posted 02:24pm 06/6/08
No way can this game live up to 12 years of hype and anticipation. It'd have to be the best game in years to justify the time.
Posted 02:25pm 06/6/08

you can still download it from whiplashs' link

That's not the new one, that's the teaser trailer from end of last year.
Posted 02:28pm 06/6/08
mmm. it looks ok... cant see it being big... unless multiplayer has something so so special
Posted 02:28pm 06/6/08
Looks like Doom 4
Posted 02:38pm 06/6/08
yeah ok, i just wathed it and its the old clip ^

edit: upgraded to FF3 and it works now..

last edited by teq at 14:38:32 06/Jun/08
Posted 02:58pm 06/6/08
i rekn it won't be hard for dnf to live upto the hype... coz there was no f**n hype!@#! unless you call 12years of people putting s*** on it 'hype' :p

as long as it looks cool, has aliens, pipe bombs & corny one liners i'll prolly enjoy it :D

last edited by demon at 14:58:49 06/Jun/08
Posted 03:02pm 06/6/08
the small bit they showed was just exactly the same thing with newer graphics
Posted 03:02pm 06/6/08
that was fairly random.
Posted 03:13pm 06/6/08
hopefully it has some powerthirst too which comes in new flavours like mananana and fizz b****
Posted 03:24pm 06/6/08
or duke snorting cocaine for Invincibility
Posted 03:51pm 06/6/08
and gun
sif greazy
Posted 04:12pm 06/6/08
I hope you can beat the hookers like last time.
Posted 10:14pm 06/6/08 is the link you want. worked fine for me in ie and ff.

Also, I'm really impressed by how it looks. Hopefully it has the gameplay to back that up and isn't just another Prey style forgettable fps.

last edited by Dan at 22:14:20 06/Jun/08
Posted 10:18pm 06/6/08
hopefully duke finally gets his bubblegum
Posted 11:06pm 06/6/08
Dead space looks better.
Posted 11:46pm 06/6/08
george brussard = giri + 20 years
Reverend Evil
Posted 11:50pm 06/6/08
youtube version so you don't have to watch it thru that horrid video player

Posted 12:10am 07/6/08
Now we get to view it in another horrid video player.
Posted 02:20am 07/6/08
as long as it looks cool, has aliens, pipe bombs & corny one liners i'll prolly enjoy it :D

Yeh totally agree.

I mean lets face it its 'Duke Nukem' its all about blowing away alien scum in the coolest and most fun way possible as long as it does this then it will be a winnar .
Posted 06:32am 07/6/08
Duke Nukem Forever has to wow me in the same way Duke Nukem 3D did.
Posted 08:24am 07/6/08
It's bad luck to view the bride in her wedding dress before the wedding. They are going to have to scrap DNF and start all over again now that people have seen some of it.
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